What watch face/complication shows the graph?

So I got an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Apple Watch 6 40mm. What faces are you using? Is there one that shows the trend graph? How do I set that up? Please post what you have.

I use the ‘modular face’ in my Apple Watch. It shows the current BG, if you choose that complication to be on the face. I have BG, date, messages, and pedometer as my chosen complication. If you tap the BG, it switches to a graph.

I would try spike…its still around, just might have to use a computer or another app to use it…

I am currently using the space one with the rings of planets. It’s subtle and abstract, and I have the clock with my HR above and my Dex below (shows the number and the direction arrow, and if I tap on that I see the graph). The complications are small, but I like that since it’s subtle and not something anyone else is likely to be able to easily notice/read. Not sure if any show the full graph as a default on the face?