What we CAN eat

I got an idea. I am starting this Discussion about food we can eat. I am asking for all of your help with this list. Can you reply with what ever sugar free food you like. That thing that you tried because it said sugar free and took a bite or a sip and said to your self “wow that is pretty yummy for sugar free” Tell us all about your secret treasures Please Please Please do NOT list ANYTHING we are not allowed to eat. We hear that all the time. And not so much recipes there are a lot of people who Are not good at following recipes but needs to know what they can use and go from there on their own. There are plenty of recipe places for diabetic and not so many places tell you what you Can EAT. I am not sure if we are allowed to put links in the Discussion but if we are You can also let us know where to get the food. Please join me with this list ~ I am starting the list with my favorite Coffee creamer~
Nestle coffee mate french vanilla sugar free
Very light sweet creamer and you would never guess it is sugar free and it craves a sweet tooth very well.

There’s nothing I deny myself as a diabetic. But if it’s sugar-free that you want, I prefer splenda in my coffee, diet dr. pepper, jello sugar free pudding, and log cabin sugar free syrup. Everything else in my diet that I can think of is the real deal. But I do like pre-measured snacks - whether I bag grapes into 2-serving-ziplocs, my kashi crackers into 15-cracker-ziplocs, or buy the 100 calorie nabisco snacks and weight watchers 1pt chocolate cakes (heavenly). I don’t mind pre-measuring to get a snack I know I can just grab and go with.

WASA crackers. They’re usually by the healthy crackers in the grocery. I saw this on Oprah and they’re actually quite tasty (not alone, but with a spread of some kind). They have enough fiber that they’re good for you. I like the skinny cow spreadable cheese triangles (comes in a round carton). they are very dry, but very crunchy, and I eat one or two for breakfast. These days, I’m really into fiber because high fiber foods really seem to keep me full for longer periods.

Oh, and I love the AllBran packets, either lemonade or tea, that you put into your water… those have 10 grams of fiber per bottle, and only about 20 calories, I think. I can only find them in the fiber/laxative section at WalMart… they come in a box, but they are delicious!

Good post suggestion, Faelene!!!

Breyer’s Carb Smart Ice Cream Bars. 9g carbs, which includes 2g fiber and 2g sugar alcohol. Not quite as good as a Dove Bar, but pretty close!

In-N-Out double double, protein style, animal style.

I’m with Dino. My favorite sandwich.

WASA crackers with yogurt is good, but I will always go for a handful of Mixed Nuts.

Like Melissa, I don’t deny myself any foods because of diabetes. There are some things I eat less off, just as I would eat less if I wasn’t diabetic.

I won’t eat liver. Only because it tastes gross.

As far as sugar-free type foods, I like Sorbee’s sugar free chocolate syrup. It’s great on ice cream, or drizzeled on various desserts. Sometimes I’ll layer some Jello fat-free vanilla pudding with some Splenda-sweetened whip cream and sliced strawberries or bananas and drizzle the chocolate syrup on.

I use Splenda mixed with a bit of cocoa in a shaker to sprinkle on my latte in the morning, if I want to make it special.

But for the most part, I just eat a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit, with lean sources of protein and fats mostly coming from canola oil and olive oil.

I want to come to dinner at your house. Yum.

This is a great recent guest post from Amy Tenderich’s blog “Diabetes Mine.”

I thought of another one today. Sugar free apple cinnamon instant oatmeal from safeway brand…YUMMMY bout to have some now
I want to take a min and thank everyone for replying I would like to get list as long as we can so to further my quest for good sugar free food but to also give new diabetics somewhere to find this list and not have to be so overwhelmed by the massive amount of people saying what they cant eat. It was a dream of mine to open a little food store where everything in the store was sugar free…making this list a is a little of what I KNOW I will never be able to do. I am new at this kinda of postings and this has been amazing …so thank you again and laugh all of your laughter ever day


Glucoholic.com is my answer to your question. When I was first diagnosed I was almost debilitated by the thoughts of what I could not eat. Through working on the site I’ve come to realize all the possibilities that are out there. I hope it helps!

Try dragon fruit. Not that sweet, and according to a doctor friend, it is actually good for diabetics.