What were your BG values when diabetes was diagnosed and is this type 1 or 2 or something else?

My diabetes was three weeks ago diagnosed in the hospital, when I had a blood glucose value of 576. I am very curious how high your blood glucose values were and if you are diagnosed with type 1, type 2 or another form of diabetes.

587, most definitely T1!

they can give you a test I think called Cptetide to determine for sure if you are a T1 or T2

I got caught w/ a urine test spilling over sugars and I’ma T2

I don’t have the exact number, but I had a metabolic panel done (to watch for changes in liver enzymes and kidney function) that showed a random BG of over 500. My A1C at that time was 8.4 and I was eventually determined (by antibody testing) to have type 1. That was in 2000, and I was misdiagnosed twice along the way.

I was never in DKA or hospitalized for diabetes though. I never even got any training on how to give myself shots in the beginning, I was handed an RX and that was that.

How high your blood sugar is at diagnosis, is not a reliable determinant of type, though usually type 1’s are higher at diagnosis due to speed of onset. And no, c-peptide does not “determine for sure if you are type 1 or type 2”. C-peptide is a good indicator as type 1’s generally make less insulin and type 2’s make enough or an excess of insulin (but can’t utilize it well due to insulin resistance). But more significant is antibody testing, as type 1 is an autoimmune condition (will have antibodies) and type 2 is not. The best thing to do to determine type is get both c-peptide and all the relevant antibody testing. If your symptoms came on suddenly and you were hospitalized (with DKA?) you are young, average or low weight and perhaps have another autoimmune condition such as thyroid, most likely you are type 1, But when doctors make diagnoses based on what seems to be the case, they can make errors. Fore example many children are now being diagnosed with type 2. And I was 58 years old, had been somewhat overweight much of my life (though I was losing lots of weight at diagnosis), had symptoms for a couple months and a blood sugar of 325 and I am Type 1 (LADA). Joe describes above, type 1 characteristics and he is type 2.

300 - 400 range. Type 1. No hospital, I was still walking around just fine.

I was diagnosed with “type 2” with a fasting bg of 126 and an A1C of 6.1…WRONG they really just caught me in the early stages of LADA/type 1.5 and after one year I am on multiple injections of insulin a day.

Hi , January , 28 years ago ( 1983 ) at age 42 1/2 and it was called " diabetes " : BG 340 , lost 6 pounds in 5 days , ketones …, put on medication , numbers did not come down , put on insulin March 1983 …numbers did come down .
C peptide was performed, prior to going on insulin pump …to be more specific, I am type 1

I believe mine was 525, but I can’t quite remember. I’m a Type 1.

They do a test to check for antibodies that tell whether or not your are type 1 or 2. My test showed type 1.

5.4 fasting, after the sugary drink and 2 hours it was 11. I’m type 2.

I was diagnosed a Type 1 at 10 months old and my BG value was 1267… how was I living? i dont know, lol.

Over 1200, if they did an additional test to determine that I was definitely Type 1, I am not aware of it. If only they would have done a blood sugar reading during the 6 weeks before I landed in the emergency room, when I had 6 different appointments…

had check up & discovered that my bg was off the clinics meter, over 400 as i recall. next thing you know i’m getting a shot of insulin & a short time later a 2nd. now with diet & exercise i’m getting my type 2 under control & the doctors now cutting back on my diabetes meds.

oh yea diets a biggy too, lost 30+ pounds which seems to help, my last Ac1 was 5.6

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Ha yea Zoe, think it has to do with the medication

Over 500 – Type 1. But I wasn’t hospitalized. Instead I hopped on a plane to California on business. Little did i know until I got insulin in me how sick I really was.

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When I was dx’d my endo ran a C-peptide test. From what I remember it is a test to see if your body is actually producing insulin on its own. If the test shows a low amount or none you would be most likely described as a T1. They ran my test 2 times at the beginning, as I didn’t believe they had my diagnosis right…unfortunately they were right and I was wrong :frowning:

I was in the 500’s when I first went in, losing weight extremely fast, felt like I was dying from the inside out…just remember the doctor running a simple bg test with an older style meter and telling me I was a T1 based on my age and that I fairly good shape. Prescribed Lantus immediately from the pharmacy and told me if I didn’t take it now I would be in the hospital within days! Argued with the nurse for a long time about letting her stick me with that pen needle contraption, wondering how just a simple blood prick could determine that and wondering if I would become addicted to insulin…Finally after awhile she talked me through it and the fact that her husband was a T1 and I remember finally letting her give me insulin…one of the worst days of my life, but it is better now.