What were your BG values when diabetes was diagnosed and is this type 1 or 2 or something else?

I was formally diagnosed with a BG of 160 on a regular check-up. Since I also had thyroid problems, my PCP sent me to an endo, who put me on Glucotrol which didn’t do a bloody thing. BGs kept going up. This was before the days of C-peptide or antibody testing. BG’s were going up slowly, and I finally asked to be put on insulin, which was a miracle. It took a while to get past the N at night only (daytime BGs were going over 250), then 70/30 (2 lows a day, predictably every day unless I snacked, and I hate snacking), then mixing N and R, and finally N and Humalog. Then I went on the pump. Which has been a godsend. Now that I’m doing low-carb, I’m keeping BGs under 120 much of the time.

I am not clearly one type or the other, so I call myself Type Weird, but after I had a coma last year, with BGs 400 - 600 - HI, my CDE said that I did not respond to Type 2 protocols in the hospital, and that for medical issues, I am to tell them I’m Type 1. Another, independent CDE had told me that years ago. So if that’s the way my body works, and it will get me appropriate care, that’s what I’m going to tell them. But I’m still Type Weird! :slight_smile:

392 about 4 hours after a carby meal. T2 A1C was 13.1 no wonder I was in such a fog.

I’m told my fasting BG was 1200 at diagnosis. My A1c was 17.1%. Age 14. First Type 1 in my family- we were clueless! Lost 10 lbs in one day even though I was eating LOTS AND LOTS of food. Thirsty ALL THE TIME. Would carry a gallon of water jug with me everywhere I went.

over 600, I was diagnosed 3yrs ago as type 2. My fasting BD was below 100 2months before diagnoses when I had a physical. I’ve never had a GAD or c-petide. I’m overweight now, but most of my life I,ve been underweight.

I was diagnoed at 32 (not sure what that is in american or other terms) and my ketone level was at 7.2.

Again dont know what that is in other terms. :slight_smile:

To translate between the two ways of saying blood glucose, you just multiply (or divide) by 18. So 32 in American numbers is 576. No clue about ketones.

I went to a health check up at work (screen for blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure and also give flu shots) and when the blood test machine printed the results, my BG was 13.3 (240). The paramedic doing the test asked what I eaten that day and tried to blame it on the hot chocolate I had drunk when I got to work, but I knew better. Went to the doctor who initially diagnosed me as Type 2 (I was 33, with no risk factors of type 2), but after 14 months I was tested for antibodies and started insulin, so I am a Type 1.5.

First, I was never diagnosed as anything. When I finally did, I was incorrectly diagnosed as type 2, cause of weight and being african american. I don’t remember what the actual lab numbers were, but I do remember that my A1C was 14.5, and when I finally found out how to use a meter, it was 400 (fasting)… They started me off on drugs, and a few years later, I started throwing-up, from the drugs, and probably ketones… Eventually I demanded insulin from my 6th doctor, and i’ve been complication free ever since.(aside from the cataracts)


There was no BG values when I was dxd. Just Clinitest which showed sugar in the urine which made mine dark orange colour. Sugar Diabetes back then—Juvenile Diabetes----Type 1.

Oh my… I didn’t know it was possible for some to tolerate those levels!! I’m sure being diagnosed at such a young age made a difference…


I was officially diagnosed in 1997 at 25 years old. When I was pregnant with my first child I would see a specialist, not sure why, he just said I wasn’t really gaining weight. Every week I saw him and had to due a urine test. He always said it was a bit high in sugar. So maybe I was actually starting Diabetes then at age 21? For a few months prior to my offical diagnosis I would get the worst most severe cramps in my feet, toes,arches, calves, front of calves, ankles. Mostly two or three spots would cramp at the same time. I couldn’t sleep at night because it would happen all night long and then most of the day. I couldn’t like this anymore. After a couple of months with these horrible cramps and weight loss I went from a size 6 to a size 2 in a month and I don’t look good that skinny I went to an Orthopedist to see if I could get something to stop the cramps. She looked at me weird and said stop wearing high heels for a couple of weeks. I tried that and it didn’t work. I finally went to my family doctor who did blood work because she thought I was having a Thyroid problem and she called me later that same day and said she knows what is wrong. I came into her office the next morning and she said you are a Diabetic. Your A1C is at 13. I said OK no problem I can take a pill a day and she said no not that kind of Diabetic you will need shots. I then felt sick. She said it would take a little while to get an appointment with the injections nurse to teach me how to give myself shots. That took another month. As soon as I started insulin I stopped losing weight and started to feel better. Anyway I have been on insulin since 1997 am definitely still a type 1 and take it day by day. Don’t be afraid, I feel lucky to ONLY have Diabetes and not Cancer. At least I can take care of myself, watch what I eat, and take my shots. I am 38 years old today have three beautiful children, a wonderful husband and teach preschool. I love my life!!

400+ no headaches here but sure was thirsty & pee’d alot more often too. I was beginning to sense it might have something to do with diabetes but Google lacks a diagnose this symptom button. But other sites do!

Yes… The peeing was an absolute nightmare…


The BG level was 576 – pretty darn high! I don’t know any conversion value for ketones – they don’t usually give a number, but just say small, moderate, high.

T1, don’t remember the exact number but was told almost 1300.

Omg I remember the cramps!! I had them in my calves and feet for a year before diagnosis. They were AWFUL!! I didn’t know what was wrong with me! I thought it was dehydration or something. Ugh, those HURT so badly. And I’m no baby when it comes to pain tolerance.

haha I didnt even know what blood sugar WAS at diagnosis. We had no idea what was going on. I felt tired, but would otherwise keep up with all of my honors schoolwork and after school activities. They said they didnt know how I was standing at that point.

Holy $(^ !! Is that what those cramps were?? No one was able to tell me what caused them. I had all kinds of tests done for circulation, etc., and STILL no one knew what they were from. They were horrific, mostly happened at night and woke me up.

When I had a coma last September, my BG was over 600 and I WASN’T standing. I was, in fact, near death, with major organ shutdown. And my A1c was 10.7. When I read of the extremely high BGs and A1c’s here, it just amazes me – I’d be dead before I ever got as high as some people say they were! (Glad to be alive)

My blood sugar at diagnosis (in the hospital) was 619 mg/dl. Initially I was misdiagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes, but within one week the endo corrected the diagnosis to Type 1 diabetes. It’s actually really common for adults to have new-onset Type 1 diabetes, and as others have mentioned, antibody testing (GAD, ICA, IA-2) can be used to distinguish between Type 1 autoimmune diabetes and Type 2 (or MODY).