What were your BG values when diabetes was diagnosed and is this type 1 or 2 or something else?

  1. Type 1. DKA. In hindsight for months I was peeing alot and thirsty alot, but thought the peeing was just b/c I was drinking more fluids :slight_smile: Then got really sick with what my aunt thought was the flu, and went downhill really fast. Lost 25lbs overnight, couldn’t see, talk, stand, or breathe (was panting) as I went to the hospital.


Type 1. BG 809 (DKA). A1c was 11 something.


That happened to me too,the first official diagnosis,though involving tests that shows +++ ketone,they just handed me an RX ,the nurse just showed me a pen and insufficiently showed me how to use it.


Cutest furry face ever!!!


Gosh, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It sounds terrifying.


Ditto on the cramps. When our sugars are high we pee out all our minerals. I had hideous cramps before I was diagnosed, and I still have to be careful. I take calcium, magnesium and use salt that is half potassium.

Mine were in my thighs, mostly, but sometimes my feet and calves, too. I thought they were going to snap my bones they were so strong and so very painful. Yow.

Someone needs to add these cramps to the list of possible symptoms of undiagnosed diabetes.


My blood sugar was over 1100 when I was diagnosed. Needless to say I spent a long time in intensive care. Ugh.


After several days of being very thirsty and blurred vision, I stopped by the doctors office. Blood sugar was 530, had ketones in my urine. I felt fine. My A1C was 9.8. I am type 1, diagnosed at 36 yrs old. This was on Oct. 5 2010. Talk about life changing. Ha!!


My first finger stick was 425 at a class for new Type 2s that my primary sent me to. The nurse in charge knew better and sent me to the ER. I was officially diagnosed T1 at the Joslin a few days later.



My BG was 500 at Dx, I am a T-1, but I was Dx’ed at age 55. I felt lousy, had lost 15 lbs. in 10 days and had an A1c of 14.


My blood sugar was 650mg/dL. I had two mountain dews for lunch. (think I kinda knew going in that they were going to be my last). I had been ungodly thirsty for 3 months, and was peeing every hour on the hour. I lost 20 lbs, but was training for a triathlon and marveled at how well exercised worked for losing weight! I think my A1C was at 9.5. I was 27 yrs old, only T1 diabetic in the history of my family.


My daughter was in the 600’s when she was dx’ed with type 1 at age 2 1/2. She spent 2 days in the hospital, but I think it was mostly for parent training. They didn’t even get her BG into range before she left.

I was dx’ed with gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with her. They gave me a one hour GTT and then a 3 hour. I don’t remember the exact numbers, I wish I did.

After my daughter was dx’ed I took my blood sugar and discovered that I was prediabetic. My fasting readings were usually around 115. The highest I ever hit with a random test was 176.


In the 900’s somewhere. No DKA, No Ketones. ER doctor said “most likely Type 2” because there were no ketones. He was right. I was fortunate to find an Endo who first testing he did was for auto-immune and c-peptide just to make sure. BTW it took me a year and a half to find him. I wouldn’t change him for the world. 2 months into treating me had had my fasting numbers down from 300 to 120.


I had the c-peptide test, as well as the anti GAD am waiting for the results.


Great! Let us know!


when i was diagnosed in 2002 at the age of four my blood sugar was over 700. That has been my highest blood sugar in my 10 years of being diabetic, my lowest was 21 in first grade at school


Those are some scary high numbers you guys. I just remember the doctor looking at my A1c of 14 and muttering “oh man” to herself. I remember she was really worried about my low potassium (I think that’s the cramps we get) and talking about how to not end up in DKA. My fasting that morning wasn’t too terrible, 300, but I had lost 35 lbs with no idea that I was so thin. My GAD antibodies came back >250 and C Peptide was 0. something. Still the doctor said I don’t know what type you are but Metformin doesn’t seem to be helping. ha ha. 72 hrs after diagnosis I was taking Lantus and Humalog, but it was about 6 weeks or longer before I learned what a bolus was. Before that I was told to use a sliding scale with the fast acting. I’ll never forget that thirst. It was August and I kept saying wow it’s so hot I need alot of water. gulp gulp


Am just closing in on three months, and my BG was 329. But I’m positive I had much higher values in the weeks leading up to my diagnosis of LADA.

You all know how sick I was…


Yep it was the thirst and the peeing that gave me the sneaking suspicion I was diabetic. I didn’t know if weight loss was a symptom, but I sure knew it wasn’t that easy for someone my age to lose weight and I was losing a couple pounds a week with no effort at all! I looked online to see if weight loss was also a symptom and when I saw it was I called the doctor and asked for a blood glucose test. I didn’t know what the numbers meant, but I knew before I was told that they would tell me I had diabetes. I just had no clue it would be type 1 and didn’t figure that out for 15 more months.


26.9 i didnt feel any different at that time, i had a tattoo done and it didnt heal very well and my tattooist is also diabetic and he advised me to go and get tested and they sent me straight to hospital for 2 days and i came home Type 1 !