What were your BG values when diabetes was diagnosed and is this type 1 or 2 or something else?


Over 900, type 1, 1992. thanks, coxsackie virus! I didn’t want my beta cells anyway! :smiley:


774, I’m a type one.


835, type 2.


Mine was over a 1000. Lost almost 20 lbs within the last wk before diagnosis and they said I wouldn’t have lasted much longer. They put me into the hospital for 3.5 days back then in 82.


581 type 1 when I was dx I went to the ER cause of the horrible cramps I couldent lay down with out getting them n ditto on the thirst n peeing I coulden go nywhere cause of the excesive thirst n peeing n the weightloss I lost 10 pounds I 2 weeks was I happy till I found out it was diabetes I wasn’t happy den I stayed in da hospital for a week n wen they told me I needed injections I cried I hated needles so much now dey don’t bother me lol


425 mg/dl with an A1c >16%, in DKA, 0 c-peptide, strong antibody positive for ICA 512 and GAD 65. BMI 19. Age 17. Total diabetes family history is a grandfather with type 2 dx’d in his 70s.

My diagnosis: type 1 diabetes.


over 1000, no diagnosis was given at the time. I was just put on lantus and humalog. I am now a type 2


Mine was 188. I was in a different country on vacation with appendicitis. I was too sick to be upset when from my tunnel I heard the dr say, “why she has diabetes!” I guess we all just assumed I was type 2. I dont think I’ve ever had an antibody or c peptide test, but I will ask my dr about it now. I think I probably am type 2 though.


Son, Dx type1 @ 13 years old, BG 774, lost 20lbs in 1 week in ICU for 3 days.


Dx in DKA with BG of 540+ and A1C of 20+%. Spilling ketones, and blood was like vinegar.

Initially dx Type 1. Antibody tests came back negative, C-peptide was low.

Dx changed to ‘your diabetes is so rare, atypical and interesting that medical science doesn’t have an official type for it yet. Maybe they’ll know what type it is 100 years down the line’.


1110 at diagnosis with DKA; spent 3 days in ICU and a week in hospital. Type 1 (with anti-GAD antibodies). This was in December 2010 (at age 57). Now on an insulin pump and doing great.

  1. Type 1.


245 diagnosed 1992 type 1…seems compared to a lot of type 1’s mine was fairly low


258, Type I


When I went to the hosptial, my blood sugar was 598 and my A1cwas 15.8


576 you are usually in a coma. Mine were 497 and they decided I was type 2 in Feb 2000. Turned out I was needing insulin not tablets. Feel more in control with insulin.

Good luck and take care of your self.


And to think I still almost got overlooked in the ER, as the triage nurse told my husband “your wife’s drunk and bulimic”


Thanks Janet! Hopefully I will know more next week.


I was diagnosed December 27, 1983 at the age of 13. Back then I was only given a blood test to check glucose level, and then an A1C. There was no c-peptide or antibody test done. Back then, glucose monitors were NEW and very expensive.
My BG was almost 900!! I know, pretty unbelievable. The pediatric endocrinologist could not understand how I was still walking around and functioning. I did have every classic symptom of Type 1 though. My A1c was almost 15!!! Needless to say, I was one very sick girl!!! I was in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks. I got excellant education and training while I was there. I was in so long b/c it took so long for them to get my levels to a point where they felt it was safe for me to go home.


617- T1

Was functioning ok but had all the classic symptoms, thirsty, peeing, tired, my vision went and generally feeling like ■■■■!! Actually, I remember feeling really bad through the summer and didn’t get diagnosed until Christmas.