What were your BG values when diabetes was diagnosed and is this type 1 or 2 or something else?


To calculate American blood sugar values from mmol (UK) times by 18 so 32 would be 576


When I was diagnosed my bs were over 800 mgdl (45 mmol), I am type 1

  1. In DKA induced coma. Type 1.
    I was 31 years old.


I am type 1 and im not sure what my blood converts to, you read it differently in the states.


484.2 mg/dl just coverted online 26.9mmol type 1


High 500s, week in the hospital half of it in the ICU in DKA with T-1 on both sides.


I had a 24 hr fasting blood sugar in the high 300s at diagnosis. They were pretty high for a week or two with ketones, until I learned how to control my numbers. I was in the ICU for one night and regular room for 2 nights. Not fun, but I gotta do what I gotta do(: Im T1


1200, type 1.
I was diagnosed in 1988 when I was 18 and in college. I remember I thought I was going to die I felt so bad. I was in the hospital for a week. I was constantly drinking and peeing and lost a bunch of weight really quickly that summer, which I thought was great at the time. I remember calling my Mom and telling her about the drinking and peeing and she said, “It’s just your allergies.” I was very relieved to hear I had diabetes, not cancer or something.


Mine was 366 and Type 1.
What really clinched the diagnosis was the c-peptide test. I remember waking up to my phone ringing and hearing the nurse tell me that it was low as I was still half asleep. As soon as we got those results in my doc started me on insulin and sent me to an endocrinologist who has been fantastic in helping get me back on my feet and healthy again. I’ve never looked back.


I was 1900 at diagnosis. Spent 3 days in a coma at the ICU. Obviously, I’m a type 1.


250 as a Type 1. No DKA but I probably would have been there in less than a week had I not been a total hypochondiac (albeit a very lucky one).

I was feeling weird right after I got home for the holidays this December and took a urine dipstick test (we had a jar laying around…I actually was looking for protein, since I had a kidney infection with similar symptoms a few years back). No protein, but positive for ketones and glucose. Folks made a phone call, and I had labs drawn about an hour later. Came home, did a fingerstick test (with the sample meter they gave us), and measured 250. Had a prescription for insulin an hour after that. Honestly, I’m glad I caught it when I did because, as annoying as it was, not having to deal with DKA or the emergency room made the process a whole lot easier.


Hi I’m a type 2, It was 248 when I tested at home, after seeing my doctor and had blood drawn, it was 257 and the a1c was 10.5


My A1C was 11, and that was drawn after two months on a low carb diet! I was diagnosed initially as a type 2 but that quickly was changed to a type 1.5 and eventually a full blown type 1


interestingly it was in the 200’s and I was DX’d T1


That just means you were caught early. Which is a GOOD thing. Massively high BGs are NOT comfortable, and can kill you in spite of doctors’ best efforts. Glad you’re still hangin’ around, kiddo! :slight_smile:


It was 750 that day in 96.Was type 1 had lost about 100lbs in a month.


Type 1 Diabetes; first BG measurements ranged from 450-550.


I was 850 and had lost 30lbs in 7 days. Was in the hospital for 5 days due to DKA. Absolutely worst stomach ache of my life, that was 13 years ago.


That is exactly how I was treated at diagnosis. scripts for syringes and insulin with no training. Still blows my mind that I had to reference books to find out how to give myself shots.
That was 1986, I was 24 years old.


My son was 9 yrs. old and had DKA…very scary. He went to the hospital about ready to slip into a coma and as limp as a noodle…due to the crisis we were in, if I remember this right, he was over 700…maybe over 800. We are thankful he is alive and well today!