What would you do with this chart?

Here is a printout of my chart with blue basal superimposed. From this mess of a chart, what would you adjust. Just curious. I always make my own decision on pump adjustments. Thanks Sid.

I’m sorry nobody has responded to you. This might more appropriately be a topic for the T1 or pumpers forum. I will give you my opinion, but understand, I just started insulin in December, I do not pump and with a face like this, I am clearly no doctor. So take my comments simply at face value. I’m also really not sure about your background, are these reflective of ongoing control? Do you feel that your diet is consistent? Do you carb count and use just a basic bolus? What are your targets and what is your correction strategy?

My observation. Your handling of meals is in generally pretty good. Your breakfast seems best, but perhaps you have a low carb breakfast. Dinner is as almost as good as breakfast, but it appears that you often go high later as though your dinner may have more protein/fat and might be improved by the use of an extended bolus. Your lunch is highly variable, but I cannot tell whether you just have errors in your count/ratios and have to correct or whether it is a timing thing. You do come down to your average fasting by late afternoon.

But the real problem you have is your fasting numbers. It is not just that your average fasting is high, but it is highly variable. I don’t think you can just increase your basal, with you current variability you will just have lows. It may be that you are not correcting after meal highs when you should, leaving your fastings between meals too high. I think that you would be well served by some basal testing like that suggested by Walsh. But I would not just drop your basal without more clearly identifying the problem.

I don’t know if that is helpful. There are many people here much more experienced who may have opinions. Hopefully, this will bump it up and others will comment.