What would you do?

If you had 1 million dollars (muahahaha) to spend on anything diabetes related, what would you spend it on?

Stem cell research?..a Diabetes camp named after yourself?..a few hundred boxes of test strips?..a mountain of Splenda?

Personally, I’d lace my One Touch meter with diamonds, but thats just me.

First, reduce stress by paying off all my debt (About $11,500.00)
Increase safety in my home by getting flooring in instead of bare concrete which I currently live on .

Make sure, by buying supplies for them that my diabetic friends without insurance could get a year or so of help while they battle with bureaucrats and so on. Stem cell research, while a nice thought, is too expensive to fund and embattled in congress and the moralists who would fight it.

I think after the tax man took his 45%, that would leave me (and my friends) enough to put into an account to net me enough interest to live on it (Diabetically) for a while. Not for bills, but just to pay med care and supplies on a monthly/yearly basis. If I got that kind of money, I would no longer have SSI and only a part time job, but I could do it if medical was covered.

Interesting question. At a dollar a strip, and using an average of 8 a day if I bought a million strips it should last me another 342 years. I wonder if we’ll have a cure by then.
Selfishly, I’d spend some of it on a personal trainer and chef.
Then I would make all known sugar police, diabetes trainers, and out of touch endo’s keep track of their blood sugar for an entire year. They’d have to do tests when they wake up, before and after they eat, before they go to bed and anytime someone tells them “You look a bit off.” You could call it Compassion Boot Camp.

(I love my current endo. If anyone is in the Phoenix area then you should really see Dr. Brard.)

First, I’d set up a little medical trust fund for myself to pay for all my diabetes related ‘stuff’ - just in case I lose my insurance.

Then I’d get a new pump from Animas just because I think it looks so much cooler than my Minimed. No diamonds, though.

Then, I’d fund a clinic or walk-in center, or fund, to pay for the test strips and medicine or insulin for someone who has no insurance - maybe even buy one or two (or more) people an insulin pump.


Based on an idea Jenny Ruhl wrote about in her blog “Diabetes Update”, I’d use the money to locate and hire the meanest, nastiest, personal injury lawyers to mount a legal challenge to the American Diabetes Association for its “treatment recommendations” for those of us with diabetes. People with Lyme disease successfully challenged the Infectious Disease Society with the end result of better treatments and medical care for people with Lyme disease. It’s time those of us with diabetes came together to get the ADA to pay attention to science instead of the $$ thrown at it by pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of candy, junk food, and etc.

I would fund a media campaign that would get across these few but basic facts:

  1. Keeping blood sugars under 140 mg/dl at all times prevents diabetic complications.

  2. Test your blood sugar 2 hours after eating. If your blood sugar is over 140 mg/dl, cut some of the carbs out of your meal then test that meal again. Cutting down on your carbohydrate intake is the safest most effective way to lower blood sugar.

I love it. “That’s right doc. Go ahead and pick a finger…any finger it doesn’t matter.”

Right on!
Never underestimate the power of the media. That’s why we’re all here right?

I would find a cure via stem cells. Then cure a select number of diabetic warriors and set up base camp. We then attack the insurance companies that have put us all through years of hell.

I would pay myself out a debt, pay for Niya and Quyncee’s college. I would take care of home and then I would open a non for profit diabetic center for education, med’s, gym and have a diabetic friendly cafe on the inside of it…u know kinda like our on Starbucks:)

I would fund the international program myself and my friend are trying to start up. We’re starting in Romania to give better treatment options, better financial ideas and support to diabetics.

The rest of it would go straight to research (either for the closed loop system or islet cell growth/transplants).