What would you do?

Today I have been doing my very best at doing nothing. I am easily distracted and have spent more time searching for ellusive quarters to finish my latest Packrat collection than getting any meaningful work done. Its a lovely sunny day with a storm forecast for tomorrow and my get up and go seems to be flaked out in the sun.

In an effort to see some productivity today I began going through my twitter peeps to see what was new in research, blogs and of course cures for diabetes (there is no end to the number of “cure your diabetes” tweets to be seen). As I went through some great information and read some blog posts that made me sad, I read one that really made me pause. It was a “diabetic parents” blog called “Left Field”. The author’s husband, who must have diabetes, was pondering what he would do if he won a lottery. He stated that he would go to Brazil to have a stem cell transplant that would allow him to live diabetes free for 12-18 months.

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