What would YOU pay for a cure?

If I even remotely had that kind of money, I would opt for a ‘bionic eye’ they’re playing with at Doheny Eye Institute. Being VH from premature birth is more of a PITA in my life than diabetes has been. Can’t drive, sticking things up to my face to read, accessibility options on my computer etc…

My parents are gone, I have no family (Kids, Husband) to worry about leaving other than my dogs (Awwww) and a big, furry man friend, so for me it was the money. I’m living on bare concrete here because I can’t afford $6,000.00 to put down flooring in my home. I’m paying off debt (It is going away) and the money -to ME- is saying “Yeah, we’ll save ya, if you’re rich enough”… The ‘po’ folks are left out. It’s a nice dream to have a cure, I would not say ‘no’ to one, but no mon, no fun

thanks debb,

Nice, and would probably put more into research than the teeny amount diabetes gets for it now. Wondering, How many millions would it take? If we all had that dosh to pool in, would they still have enough to find a cure?

T’would be nice :slight_smile:

I dunno…but I would trade you my pancreas…:slight_smile:

my mother had pancreas cancer and passed away, no-ne told her she was type 1 diabetes until we found out in the autopsy report. Thanks but no thanks you are going to need yours.

Sorry didn’t mean to be nasty, caught me at a bad monent, my humbliest apologies