What would you sacrifice for smaller pumps and other d devices?

would you be willing to have to change your pump every day if your resevoir and pump(itself) were only the size of a packet of chewing gum?

what would you be willing to pay &/or sacrifice if your meter was only the size of a test strip?

what are any sacrifices you would make to simplify your D lifestyle?

what if your meter was like a small bandaid?

whatever you can think of/suggest, let it rip!!!!!

Everyday pump change? Nah.

I wear an Omnipod now and there is definitely a trade-off between size and daily maintence requirement but I think any pumping mechanism that requires that much attention on a daily basis is too much fro me personally. At that point, I would seriously think about going back to MDI with its unlimited external capacity but 0 internal storage requirement.

In fact, if I could have the basal control of a pump on MDI, I'd probably switch back.

I realize that there are people who have a higher insulin requirement where pump capacity becomes an issue and I've seen a lot of discussion on the Omnipod forum where the limited pod capacity really becomes a liability.

I am so accustomed to the idea of 3 days worth of insulin, I don't know that I would accept less. Maybe you don't have to sacrifice much. If I understand Debiotech's Jewel micropump concept correctly, its insulin reservoir is like an expandable bladder up to 400 units, so you can decide how big you want it to be!

As far as meters go, I don't need to see any history, so it can be tiny so long as I can see the latest reading.

I don't think I would accept less than three days' worth of insulin. Any less and I'd just be spending too much filling cartridges. I think the sizes of pumps now are pretty darn good. They are small, but pack a big punch. More than size, I think manufacturers need to think of design and functionality (i.e., can I hide the pump under my clothes with ease? does the pump have the features that I need, without being overwhelming?)

Small is good and it will get better...

My first pump was 5.5 inches long, My first glucose meter had to be used at home (it took about 3-5 minutes to complete the test and you needed a seperate timer.) And we used Tes Tape and Clinitablets, which required a test tube and dropper,(all worthless) to check glucoe levels. My first insulin delivery device was a glass syringe that was sterlized in boiling water in a device that sat on the tank of the toilet (AT 10 YEARS OLD). The big innovation for me as a teen was the disposable syringe.

AND my favorite innovation: diet soda which was not availble when I was in high school.

Each advance makes my life easier and improves my control. Check out the discussions on the Type 1 board and see what we carry. In my opinion, AR is the champ of small.

I have to say that I "butt dial" my phone occasionally and would not want to do that with a pump... We have come SO far, I just want it to get better. \

It is very small for me already.