What would you want to know

Ok pumpers, I’ve got one for you. If you could do it all over again and start from the day you decided to go on the pump, what questions would you ask your doctor \ Endo \ Pump rep. to make sure you made the right decision on choosing a pump?

I have started accumulating questions but I want to ask the experts (my Diabetes family) before I see the Endo on Thurs. afternoon. So let me know what questions you would ask.

I have found that Drs/Endo’s dont really know many details about the differences in specific pumps - and they tend not to give their opinions. The sales reps tend to know the most…and also alot about the competition.

I would ask about:

  1. types of batteries
  2. dosing amounts(how small can the pump go—Animas can go as low as .05 units for bolus, and .025 for basals–however, i am real insulin sensitive and dont need that.
  3. CGM incorporation–right now MM is the only one(which is why you shoudl get a MM) but there is not much information on line about Animas and Deltec incorporating and when
  4. warranty length
  5. Incorporation of BG meter—Animas allows you to key in your BS, MM beams your meter readings, and Deltec has a meter that you can attach.

On your own you need to look at the meter types compatable and check with your prescription plan to make sure that your insurance will pay for the meter strips at a somethign besides a ‘non-formulary price’ This can save you $100’s per year.

My plug - i had 3 previous MM pumps…last go round the MM rep did not call me back and the Animas rep was all over it…i went with an Animas. I like it, but i do regret not going with the MM since they have the incorporated CGM. If here was no CGM -i really dont think it matters. Waterproofing should not a a deal maker or breaker unless you swim every day for more than an hour. You pretty much have to take the pump off in the shower - because there is no where to put it.—

When you pick a pump and schedule your educator to come out and train you, tell him/her that you want to try every different kind of infusion set…there are several on the market and it took me years to find the kind i like best.

Good luck.

Great info Mollie,

I will put this in my listing of questions. I am torn between the Animas and MM at the moment. I really want one that works with a CGMS but if insurance can’t help with this, that will have to wait a while.

I would have liked to know:

  1. How many different types of infusion sets does the pump support?
  2. Can I download my data and what operating systems is the software compatible with?
  3. What do the downloaded reports look like? (i.e., are they useful to me or my doctor?)
  4. What are the programmable features of the pump?

Mollie is right in saying that your doctor/endo is not likely to have the answers to these questions, but the pump rep will.

I think it would be enlightening to ask the DOCTOR what features THEY would like to see in a pump.

Thanks Terry. Added to the list. That is a good point. They are the “experts” in the field. Wonder what they think would be beneficial in a pump.

I also think you should talk with the pump reps before making a decision. I didn’t. My endo offered me MM or Animas & I did a little reseach on my own, but my CDE pretty much told me that everyone in the area I live had MM. Part of me wishes I had talked to the pump reps, but I am VERY satisfied with my MM. I like the fact that after the warrenty on MM runs out you can “trade” up for a newer pump & it is much cheaper than buying a new one. Also, I like the CGMS. Even though my insurance isn’t paying for it yet, I think knowing it is available will help out.

You might want to ask your doctor’s office which pumps they’re familiar working with. I’m the only one at my office that uses the Cosmo by Smith’s Med. and it has been very challenging getting the support from my diabetes team due to this.

I think that before anyone start pumping, they need to know that this pump requires alot of work?? How many times do I have to check my BS?? Are they waterproof?? What is the cost compared to shots?? Carb counting is a must. Pros and cons to pumpming??
Good Luck