What would your advice be to a new diabetic?

Well today the house phone rang and I just thought it would be for my mum but that was not the case my sister answered said hello and the lady on the other side of the phone asked for me!
I was like what does she want from me?Thinking she never asks for me kind of odd,so we said our greetings and then she told me that her 10year old daughter has just been diagnosed with diabetes and asked me what type I was told her I am type 1,her daughter was type 1 like me. She then went to on ask me questions that she had so I answered them.I could hear the worry/fear in her voice.
After she got off the phone I went to the hospital to see her daughter,showed her all my equipment and the most important advice I gave her was to listen to her body.
As this tells her most of the stuff she needs to know such as when she is high there are symptoms and if she is low there are symptoms.
Whilst I was there it was kind of odd we both felt hypo at the same time,I knew because she started going really read and sweating complaining about being hungry and hot I was feeling the same so I told her she was having a hypo,asked her about her symptoms more then the nurse came to test her she was 2.9 so she got her snack,very odd I was 2.3 at the same time.
I then informed her that those are her signs for her hypo and if she feels like that again she should test and then treat her hypo.
I just wanted to ask everyone else what they would advice or inform a new diabetic?

A new diabetic, or in this case, her mother, or major care giver needs to read all the info possible that she can find about diabetes. The internet or books whichever is more convenient. I don’t think she can listen to her body yet because she doesn’t
know what highs and lows feel like. Also, the care giver can join TuDiabetes and network with other mothers in their group about diabetic children. I am sure the mother is feeling overwhelmed at this point and you as her friend need to reassure her that she will understand what needs to be done for her daughter as some time passes.

Send her and her mom here to read, read, read and read so that they learn that they’re not alone.