What's for dinner?

I made a version of the cuban dish Ropa Vieja http://allrecipes.com/recipe/cuban-ropa-vieja/detail.aspx that I found in the February 2010 Ladies Home Journal. The LHJ version added 1/4 cup of something I couldn't find called 'sofrito' - to make it into a stew. The other ingredients are basically the same as the link. It was good as a stew, and LHJ touted 15 carbs per serving. We had it with buttered wheat bread (only 1 slice for me), which totaled about 30 carbs. My blood sugars were good after this meal.

And the next day I strained the leftovers, heated them up, and served them with tortillas, sour cream, lettuce, and shredded cheese as Fajitas. I bought the lowest carb tortillas I could find, but still was limited to just 1 tortilla. It was a great meal, and a nice way to have leftovers.

And no blood sugar spikes.

I’m so damn hungry now. between the Big D and getting older I’m really turning into a foodie. don’t want to waste my time (and few carbs I’m allowed) on lousy food anymore. that meal sounds yummy

It was good. Not flavors I’m really used to, but I liked it. And anything I can toss in the crock pot and let cook itself AND makes a whole new 2nd meal the next night is the bomb in my book!

I’m hungry ALL THE TIME, too. Grrrrr. It is a little exhausting. The beef stick or beef bite snacks have a nice solid feel in the belly - and almost no carb count. So that helps.