Whats in a sneeze

Anyone want my cold not good at dealing with illness in my self a bit of a baby according to some,most of the family had a cold and we visited most of them so I guess there was a good chance we would get it,interesting to see an article on a robot built to study sneezing you could be as much as 3 metres away and still get sprayed with the germs little rascals the trouble vwith sneezing sometimes you are not quick enough to use the hankichief so sorry anyone I might have infected but it goes to show what millions of years the viruses have had to adopt to us,you would think scientist could develope something to sit in one's nose to stop infection ok I can hear hte clever one's out there saying wear a mask like the Japanese were we designed to walk around covering half our facew up with a mask.
Mask or not lots of vulnerable folks young and old are knocked for six when colds and flu rise there heads above the surface especially in winter,so what can you do drink plenty of vitamin c lock yourself up when feeling poorley you tell me, I do not see many folks as it is let's hope you cannot pass it on via the internet bye for now felling sorry for myself here comes another aaaaccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sneeze