Whats the best poker? lancing system?

whats the best poker? lancing system? i dont like the freestyle poker that much any other opinions on the best poker or easiest way to test I have been doing 7 to 10 times a day fingers are getting beat up!

Best poker?

Five card draw, jacks or better, nothing wild.


It may not be the lance, but where you are using it. You get more blood and less pain around the outside of the finger pads, instead of right on the pad. Try to rotate to a different finger each time, or at least to a different spot on the same finger. Change fingers daily.

The pinky can be a challenge, but you can do it. Hang in there!


I have been using the one that came with the one touch meter and I have been finding that it’s more about the depth setting. I have different settings for each finger. Also keeping in mind what Terry said use the sides to your fingers and rotate. For me … I use 5 for my thumbs and index fingers. I also use 4 for my middle and ring fingers. Finally I use 3 for my pinky. Again…your milage may vary.
Good Luck!!!

I love the Accu-Chek MultiClix myself.

Accu-Chek MultiClix is the best!!
You feel nothing and leaves tiny marks on fingertips

Accucheck mulitclix is the way to go for me since I test so much. I hardly have any of those little dots/scabs we can get on our fingers from testing since switching. I believe the lancets in the drum are thinner than other lancets on the market so less pain. Definitely look at the depth setting. With the multiclix I don’t have to go as deep as I did with other brands so I get less damage on my fingers.

really? my pinky is the best finger for me to use, even if my hands are cold. I guess this is another example of YMMV :slight_smile:

multiclix! :slight_smile:

I also use multi-clix and I use the same settings as Ron for my fingers.

I like the Multiclix or Softclix myself… but I have a couple of “smaller” lancing devices stashed around just in case I need them (the microlet2 and freestyle one).

Of all of the lancet devices I have ever tried, I liked the BD/Nova Max one the best, but the dumb thing was just WAY too long to be practical… I have one around somewhere still, I think.

Ok so the Accu-Chek MultiClix or Softclix I have been using the Freestyle one for 7 or so years but not test as much as I have been doing the last 6 months and its really brutal! Are the stabber built into the poker? I cannot seem to find a good pic of it. if i use like a free ad for there meter will they send a poker with so i can try it out? Thanks

well i call the unit a poker and the needle piece a stabber so the best poker / Stabber combo ? Aces high?

I have never really Stabbed on the sides that seems like it would be worse for pain ill give it a go as for the pinkys seem like the worse pain for me I dont mind thumb and any other finger I use the pinkys as a last resort! thanks

My favorite is now the renew:


I waste so many lancets with that one, because it just won’t draw blood half of the time. Glad to see it works for someone. Am I missing something?

I only have mine set on the third dot–draws blood every time…and helps me get the side of my finger better and it seems to fit better there…

I have very sensitive skin so have to use a new lancet everytime–and don’t like the multiclick–so love the 20 use cartridge

At 8 cents a stick and 7 to 10 times aday i dont think I could afford it There stabbers must be make of gold I did see that at wally world and thought it looked cool but expensive! i was also able to just call accu chek and they are sending me a free aviva for free that has the multi clix and some extra drums for me to check out!

It is actually on my insurances prefered list soI have noco-pay for them…lucky me

How many sticks do you get out of 1 lancet in the barrel of 6 for the multiclix?