Whats the best poker? lancing system?

I have used one touch for 6 years. When I used the accu check multiclix now and don’t have any of the pain I got when I used onetouch. I test 10 time daily.

I used the one-touch meter supplied lancet thingy for long time, but recently bought a mini-one touch (because I forgot my regular meter at home one day) and the little micro lancet in the mini kit is just awesome. I even went and bought another kit just for the lancet device! I have it set to lowest possible setting, and it’s completely painless and draws right sized drop almost every single time, even when i have cold fingers. I used to have to try 5-6 times with the old one touch bulky one, yeck. So glad i forgot my meter at home one day, haha.

I use the accu-chek at home, and the one-touch delica away. The accu-chek is just too big to fit in my favorite case. The accu-chek is more stable (the lancet goes in totally straight and doesn’t move). The delica is a thinner lancet but not as stable. I like them both with a slight preference for the accu-chek.

I only have one hand that I can use for testing. I go to a new lancet in either when it starts to hurt, or daylight savings time, whichever comes first.

My daughter just started using the One Touch Delica w/33g lancets and she loves it. I don’t see any more scabs on her fingers. She does rotate to a different finger each test and I do have to remind her to change the lancet at least once a day.

Accu-Chek Multiclix use the sides of fingers use them all but do favor left hand last three

I think its all in the angle and the number on the stabber. Also using different fingers help the others heal before attacking it again, for me…

I mostly use the Multiclix but if I don’t have much room and want to put my meter in my pocket I use the Ultra Mini with the Delica lancing device. I FAR prefer the Multiclix but it is big and bulky. The Delica I find needs the lancet changed far more frequently though.

As far as changing lancets that dosen’t happen a whole lot. I am not concerned about the little scabs as I am a nail biter so that takes the looks away from the fingers right there. The scabs have never been an issue as far as getting blood either as it seems I can poke right through them. I rarely have any pain associated with testing so that really isn’t too much of a factor for me either and I believe I owe part of the no pain to the Multiclix and Delica.

Accucheck multi click the blue one is my lancet of choice. I think this is the best design out there for a lancet device. I no longer used the accucheck bs testing system. When i made the change to my pump, it is linked to the One Touch system.

I set up “site change bags” small zip lock bags ahead of time. In my “site change bag” I have my reservoir, infusion set, accu check multiclix replacement and a new bottle of lancets. All of it ready to go 1,2,3…I don’t have to search through the my D cabinet just to make a site change.

I like Accu check products… it beeps when you insert… lets you know if the lancet is inserted correctly. It is also much easier to read the screen and bs history screen. The One touch has a faded screen. I also want a meter that lights up so that I can test in the middle of the night and not wake up my husband. Simple things but probably something that would have to be approved by the FDA. Just kidding Not!