What's the best pump?

Hi Dooie,
I have been on the MM722 for almost 2 yrs now and love it. It is my first pump. About 2 mo.s ago my pump went into error and the had to send me a new one. I got off the phone with them about 9:45 on a Thurs. night and had a new pump in my hot little hands around 8:45 the next morning. I call that good customer service. All pumps ar mecanical and some are going to break down some times. I think you are smart I did not do any research b/4 I got mine I got some lit. in the mail and took it to my Dr and told him I wanted one of these. Can’t believe it took me so long. I have heardsome good things about all of them and I will take a hard look at the Ping b/4 I buy a new one but it will be hard to get me to switch s=from MM the local rep and clinical specialest are great or in the Dallas area in fact I have not had to order supplies except CGMS sensors in about a year. Works for me.
Good luck andlet me know whitch one you decided on and why. I would be interested to know may help me make my dession next time.

Thank you for your reply and I will let you know what kind of pump I get.

It’s not that we are trying to convet people. We just don’t want people bashing something they haven’t tried. You make it seem like the Omnipod is the worst pump out there. And thats fine for you to think, but you shouldn’t make people think that it is. It’s changed my life completely, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. And I’m so happy that you love your pump. And I love my pump. It’s just a matter of opinion. By no means, am I trying to get people on the Omnipod. We all just stated our opinions, and I stood up for what I love. Eh, it’s ultimately the person’s decision.

Omnipod user here. I love being in the minority. Right sugarbabie?

Definately =)

You shouldn’t try an OmniPod unless you want to. I shouldn’t keep my MM unless I want to. Sugarrbabie shouldn’t give up her OmniPod unless she wants to. If I’m not mistaken the original post here was in a nutshell “what do you think is the best pump.” It was not can you bash the pump that you think is the worst. All we are asking is that you stick to the facts that you know about your pump. I do not use an OmniPod, YET, so you can’t say I’m a user trying to convert anyone. I just don’t like that you are always negative about the OmniPod or anything else that is not Dave’s way. I would just like for you to realize that your way is not the only way. I am thrilled that you love your MM pump. As I have said before I have not had the same great experiences with MM (pump or customer service) that you have had. I am ready for a change and it is not up to you what I change to. Please just realize we all have our preferences and there is no need for all the negativity just because it is not what you prefer.

I agree with Kevin, however, I also had to figure in my inhsurance as well. I knew this was a great pump plus the only pump considered “in-network” for me so I went with it. It’s only been 4 months so far but all good!!!