What's the fiber rule?

What’s the rule about fiber and carbs?

We’ve always been told that, if it has more than 3g of fiber, you deduct the # of grams of fiber per serving from the number of carbs per serving. So, if a piece of bread had 23g carb and 5g fiber, the carbs you would count would be18g instead of 23.

we were told that if it is over 5g, then deduct the whole amount of fiber from the carbs. Has worked pretty well for us. the dietician said that some dieticians only recommend deducting half, but for kids they recommended the full amount.

We also heard the 5g+, deduct the whole amount.

We have seen some packaging that will refer to the NET CARBS, and they seem to follow the 5g “rule”.

Wonder Bread has a “SMART WHITE”, where 2 slices have 22 carbs and 5g of fiber, for a NET CARB count of 17.

I would think that it is really just like any other food… where you need to monitor and adjust for your kid’s metabolism.

If the “5g rule” applies, and using the bread as an example, I would expect that covering for the full 22 carbs would leave your child’s bg lower then expected.

What remains a mystery to me is why the 5g is a “hard line”. Again, using the bread example, if 2 slices contain 22 carbs and 5 grams of fiber, then the NET CARBS is 17. But, one slice would be 11 carbs, with 3 grams of fiber, so the NET CARBS is 11. For two slices you are covering for 17 carbs, but one slice is 11?

We were also told that if there is over 5g fiber, divide fiber in half and deduct from carbs. Example 12g fiber and 20 carbs - half of 12 is 6 so 20 carbs-6 fiber= 14 carbs for insulin calculation.

i’m always amazed to hear new things. My daughter is 15 now and diagnosed at age 12, and we have never deducted the fiber, nor were we ever told this. Have an appointment in april, I’'ll think i’ll ask.

We were told to deduct 1/2 of the fiber from the carbs but not given a line on when to start that. So any time something has fiber 1/2 of it gets deducted in our house.

We were told the same thing

We were told if over 5 grams of fiber, deduct the whole five grams. If under, deduct nothing.

My daughter has been diagnosed for 18 months. I haven’t heard of a “fiber rule” either. Will be asking when I call in BG.

Yes, always lots of different info. We were told “it’s up to you if you want to deduct fiber or not. It probably won’t make a big difference either way”. So, we don’t.