What's the longest it could take to digest food...went out to din last night and cant get below 200!


I went out to dinner last night and ate a south african crepe...it had crushed melon seeds, spices, spinach and tomatoes. I barely ate any of the actual buckwheat crepe, just ate everything inside with a few bites of crepe. I had a salad too, with blue cheese and walnuts.

Woke up at 200, took a correction and ate, was at 186, took another correction, ate nothing and now im 200 again before lunch. What the heck. I wonder why I keep raising!

Do you pump? It could simply be a bad infusion set problem, or bad insulin. I have had meals spike all through the night. Fat and protein turn into glucose at a much slower rate than carbs so we usually ignore them but meals high in fat and protein will keep your blood sugars up for extended periods of time. I’ve started counting Total Active Glucose (look up the “TAGers United” group for more info) which than allows you to extend an additional bolus to account for the portion of the fat and protein that might be making your BG spike. Since TAGing, I have avoided many of these all night spikes.