What's the lowest you've been?

My lowest photographed one but I made it into the teens before too

I have the EXACT same problem!
Usually if i’m high, and i take a correction dose, once my sugar starts coming down, i feel horrible till it gets stable again. I’ll be 300, and then a half hour later be 200 and another half hour later be right back at 120. Then i feel great.

I get the silver stars myself. Scary isn’t it? lol

Yes…happy that I have not been that low in awhile. 43 was my lowest in a long time, about 2 months ago. Just ate skittles and peanuts…lol

52 so far and with no symptoms. Other times I can be in the 70’s and start feeling jittery and tired and Kind of forgetful.

The lowest I’ve been was 1.5…which is equal to 27. Didn’t even feel it coming! I thought I was somewhere around 4.5 (81)…I was about to drive home from school, and thought I should perhaps test, just in case…glad I did lol

I have bottomed most of my meters out which is below 25 so I don’t know exactly what my lowest has been.

Mine was 21, happened when I woke up one morning. I felt fine, got out of bed and fell right to the floor. Thank goodness my mom was up! haha