What's the MARROWS with me

Eve as a seed I knew I would grow up to be impressive as far as marrows go,the bloke that planted me is diabetic and this was about as much he could do plant me in the ground water and feed me occasionally i was not the first to grow Eric,Patsy,Melany and Ramundo went before me i watched as the pretty yellow flowers grey then fell off and the tiniest marrow you ever saw was left behind,one by one the diabetic Gardner took them from the plant and hurried away with then into a big BIG house always with a smile on his face and his tongue licking his lips no idea what he did with them but they never came back.

During the summer i grew a little every day watched slugs birds and cats pass merrily on there way,every evening when the sun went down the diabetic Gardner would visit me and sit on his rackety old chair and talk away as if I knew what he was saying,but I always knew on hot days he would bring fresh water to sooth my wrinkled skin and then he would put some food down around my roots say good night and wonder off into the big big house, next to me grew flowers and not far away a tall big and scary apple tree spread its roots around me keeping me warm on cold chilly nights.

The apples fell from the tree the green runner beans climbed no more and several months ago the diabetic gardener came and cut me from my plant come on old son he said i have a treat in store for you roast beef roast potatoes Yorkshire pudding sprouts and baked marrow a meal for a King.

I think he has forgotten about me for many Sundays lunches have come and gone and still I wait here snuggled up in my hat scarf and lovely blanket maybe this Sunday will be my lucky day.