What's the maximum amount of time I can leave a sensor in?

My first Dexcom sensor lasted 3 weeks and may have lasted longer but I decided to remove it because it just didn’t seem okay to leave it in any longer. I removed the transmitter each time the sensor end time came around and looked at the insert area and it was fine (no itching, pain, discharge, discoloration, swelling, etc.). My second sensor is on it’s second week and I’m wondering again, if it lasts like the first one did, how long can I leave it in?


No need to remove the transmitter. I pull my sensor on day 12 because it failed me twice on day 13 at work. I am not saying to pull yours early. After the white blood cells realize that they cannot kill the sensor the body switches gears and tries to encapsulate the foreign object. This happens at a different time scale for everybody. Do what works for you.