What's this? A Blog?

So I’m giving into social pressure and attempting to start a blog based on my life experiences, particularly those involving my diabetes. There are tons of blogs out there written by people more eloquent, educated, and experienced than I but at the recent Children with Diabetes Friends For Life Conference that I went to a number of parents I met asked me if I had a blog. I apparently put my experiences into words well. Who knew? At first I dismissed the idea as I don’t particularly enjoy writing and didn’t think anyone would really want to read what I wrote. Now, nearly a month later, I have decided to try it. This has been a month of changes in my personal health. First I attended a diabetes conference! At the conference I tried a Medtronic Guardian continuous glucose monitor. While the monitor rarely had the right numbers (or even in the right 100’s), the trends were extremely valuable and had me testing my blood sugar more. I pledged to myself to try the other CGMS and find one that actually worked for me. Next I actually read the insurance policy that I pay for to try to get my insulin affordably from a company that does not mail it as I was tired of fighting with my mail order company. I’m still fighting this battle and I’m not sure it’s one I will win but we’re trying. Finally, I joined a gym. I told myself that a gym would do me no good because I wouldn’t go unless there were classes. Well, this gym had a membership offer I could not refuse so I paid the $100 for the year and joined. That was last Wednesday, one week ago today. I have gone to the gym 6 times so far. So much for never going huh? So that leaves me here, with a blog post. Will this blog be something I’m as committed to as the gym? Probably not. But I will try for at least a while to post once or twice a week about something diabetes, health, or life related. Some previews of things coming up include a DexCom 7+ trial in early August, the start of my youth ministry season in September, and hopefully a Freestyle Navigator trial. All of this along with updates on my Omnipod and life. Check back again soon as I continue blogging!