What's Up, Doc?

Typhoon Krosa has passed. All is fine. Low key, really. But I feel sad today. A mixture of things, I suppose. I blogged about it here and hope you check it out over at "Amazing Grace." Feeling less than amazing today. My last post was on happiness, but today I feel twinges of sadness. It's an overcast Sunday in Taipei, and my bloodsugar has finally leveled out, but the aftermath of hypos and hypers are making me snarky. Words of encouragment welcome. Thanks for being there. I appreciate it. Have a great rest of the weekend, everybody!

Wow, three blog posts in one. Enjoy! :)

snarky is a good word - I wish I could remember to write these down when I hear 'em. Hey glad you didn’t get too roughed up by the storm. saw it on Yahoo! and though of you (it’s sunny and mild in New Joisey recently and who woulda thought it was so crappy elsewhere). I hope things flatten out and I just wanted to say HI!