What's worse...being low or being anxious about going low?

I almost think being anxious about going low is worse than having a low in itself. What are all of your thoughts?

i know the feeling I fear the lows…being anxious and the build up and fear before it happens when it wont more times then not… but you put your time and energy into pre-prepairing anyway and focus and tense up on your feelings and detecting a low or drop and that fear instead of enjoying the activity/friends/fun/and life around you…you miss out… plus the anxiety/worry makes you less aware of the actual sugar and masks normal feel lows more times then not I anxious and never really low which I hate with a passion and overcompensate and rocket back up do to the time the carbs take to effect the feelings giving a snack enough time is hard and more so when you nervous and sometimes I tend to drop a bit more before going up wich really gets me freaking out… so I’d say the anxiety can be worse

Wow great question! I really never worry about going low except when I’m at work so I sometimes find I let myself get higher than I would normally! The best advice my doctor gave me was to “stop freaking out” over my highs and lows (which I kept over correcting) and when I did, I found I have better control so I try to not sweat it and keep my anxiety to a minimum…

plus think of it think of it this way when you are dealing with a low it is the body you are dealing with but when dealing with anxiety it is not only the body but also the mind that reacts and the mind is so so powerful a powerful tool that it anxiety would seem to be worse then an occ. low thats my take anyway

Love what Joy said!

The worrying about the lows is worse than the actual lows for me. When I diagnosed, the nurse scared me senseless about lows overnight. Thoughts of lapsing into a coma & dying in my sleep kept me up at night. If my BG was starting to go low before bed, I’d eat something & test every 30 minutes. Between the anxiety & lack of sleep, I was a mess. I had to snap myself out of this useless worrying.

for me it’s the anxious part. I will be a good number then i start thinking…what if it drops? when is it going to drop? in fact i’m feeling that way right now!!! And it always seems that i use more strips at these times too! for me, i just want to catch it before it drops too low…

For me, the worst part is when I thinking I’m going low but I’m not. I test, and if my numbers are normal but I still feel bad I worry. I don’t want to use up more strips, but I also don’t want to go low and not know about it. I kinda wish I was low at those times, because then I could just deal with it instead of worrying and feeling bad without having a reason for it.