Whats worse,

Highs or Lows?
I have lows a lot, and highs, every so often, I range from unreadable low to like 450? I am fine some days, then I go all over, I rarely am stable, so what I do, is mess with my basal rates, so far I have been ok with it, get kinda low sometimes, but I do not feel it what so ever. I don’t want to wait for a doctor to do it, because it will take way too long, plus the best doctor is yourself !
I am a newbie to this site, just found out about it while sitting in the docs office, and ripped out the page!
I like it because they do not charge to use it:)
Just hoping to possible meet people that live near by, or just talk and learn:)
Hope to hear from someone?
I use the medtronics paradigm 723 with a CGM.

They both suck.

I can function better when I’m high. When I’m low I feel panicked and have to correct it immediately…regardless of what I’m doing.

This website is pretty amazing. I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Glad you found us!

after my car accident, not related to diabetes, I don’t feel highs or lows anymore. With lows I USED to get all shaky, now, I walk round like nothing is up! then I check, it out of a habit, and its like to low to read sometimes?
I am waked out also, so maybe the diabetes is teaming up with my scewdness of persona:)
Email me at my personal email rickyd227@gmail.com you will be amazed at how strong of a survivor I am after something as bad as a devestating car wreck:)!