Whats your advice for eggs?


What are your best tips for cooking the perfect egg?

Since I eat alot of them on Dr B's diet I a looking for insight as to the various techniques for all types of cooking them such as scrambled, fried, poached and so on.

Sometimes I screw them up and they are not so good.

What's your favorite spice to put on them?


A fruit omelette is lovely. Make a classic omelette and add some berries. serve with cream. I use frozen mixed berries, which I defrost in the microwave whilst I’m preparing the omelette. I sweeen the fruit slightly with Splenda.

I actually just moved to over easy. I was always a scrambled person. With my scrambles, Ill toss in almost anything so long as it sounds good, e.g., no PB and eggs.

Ive been making bologna sausage gravy lately with WPI and cream. I then pour that over an over easy egg on top of a 10c slice of bread. Makes for a great meal. I think its about 14 carbs total. Well, I only short bolus for the bread @ 10c.

I eat lots of omelettes, fried eggs and such. Having a good pan makes omelettes easy. Some of my favorite fillings are sausages, cheeses and hot peppers. I really like me a brie omelette. I put Sriracha on mine.

A fruit omelette sounds delicious!

I love poached eggs on spinach. Trick to making good poached eggs is to add a little white vinegar to the water & keep stirring the water gently. Haven’t tried them, but I saw silicone egg boats (don’t know what else to call them) that looked great. Crack the egg into the boat & put in gently boiling water.

I eat eggs scrambled with ricotta, or with ricotta as the filling for an omelette. Smoked salmon & eggs is yummy.

I use parsley, tarragon, chives, fresh scallions.

Actually, the eggs and spinach reminded me of one of my favorites, crustless quiche. I buy lots of frozen spinach and it is a perfect way to use frozen spinach. You can put all kinds of things in it, literally cleaning out your fridge, and you can make a large one in a 9" pie dish and have it all week.

I like chipoltle pepper powder. I sautee fresh green pepper, asparagus, brocolli, or leftover spinach in butter. I’ve read that eggs taste better if you slow cook them. I never have time to do that, but I try. I am careful not to leave the vegetables barely cooked. Sometimes, I will add a Kraft Cheese Stick. If I have brussel sprouts, I’ll add them. Smoked Paprika and Half-Sharp Paprika are good, too. I’ve also added mushrooms. Since the family likes them, I’ll sautee a huge amount of fresh mushrooms and add them to eggs and sauces during the week. I’m not big on eggs, but since Dr. B, I have eaten more eggs than in all my 57years.

May I add that I just had salmon with hydroponic bib lettuce, daikon radish, and homemade ranch dressing. Oh, was it good! I don’t feel like I exceeded my limit, either.


I forgot the obvious - I make egg salad and deviled eggs. I mix up the egg salad quickly and fill a disposable coffee cup covered with foil. It’s great when you are on the run with the kiddies.


I also forgot that I do make crustless quiche by finishing it in the oven under the broiler. Two of my kids are gluten free, and this is a great Christmas brunch. I’ll try to add bacon and bits of red pepper to make it colorful. Slices of pasture raised deli ham are good, too, with lots of cheese. I use a twelve inch frying pan. I make regular quiches for the rest of the family, but it is dangerous to eat if there is one of my crusts attached. I stay away from temptation.

A helpful dialogue! I am soooo tired of eggs! I like the quiche or omelets too with broccoli, cream and sharp cheddar cheese (no crust). I will scramble eggs and top it with taco cheese and sour cream! (if you eat salsa a tablespoon might be nice).

I love eggs over easy, but couldn’t get them right at home. Due to the miracle of the internet, I found videos on making eggs. Heck, I just watched one on hard boiling an egg, which recommended putting vinegar in the water to help the shells peel off more easily. I’m definitely trying that, as the shells often stick, and the eggs are really hard to peel. www.chow.com

I make crustless quicke using this recipe. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Crustless-Spinach-Quiche/Detail.aspx We don’t care for spinach so much, so I steam broccoli, squeeze the water out, chop it, and add it in place of the spinach. Also, the muenster is very soft, so if I remember, I freeze it for about an hour before I begin. Just makes it easier to grate.

Deviled eggs are also hugely popular at my house.

Thanks Carb 101, I will watch the video.

I like to slice a wedge of that laughing cow light cheese (awkward, b/c it’s soft), and add mushrooms and spinach to my omelet. Staple for me, I guess, lately. The laughing cow isnt’ too expensive if you get it at Costco, and each wedge has 40 calories and 1 carb. I like the swiss flavor, to change it up from the cheddar. = )

High quality eggs (egglands best) and proper cooking make eggs more pleasant.

I think Julia Child’s technique for boiled eggs is the best (I live at 400 ft above see level). So you take eggs about a week old so the membrane with seperate and you take a push pin and pierce the big end of the egg to give a gas relieve to stop cracking. Bring the eggs in salted water to a boil and then turn off the heat and let set for 17 minutes. Then chill them in Ice water to stop cooking. It is easy once it becomes habit. I can actually get an egg without a green ring. Mail me with you taste in spices and I’ll give you more ideas.

Sriracha is to die for (drool).

Here’s a recipe for zucchini hash browns, http://www.cookingcache.com/veggies/annieooopszucchinihashbrownslowcarb.shtml?rdid=rc1
They don’t really taste like hash browns, more like a zucchini omelet, but they’re pretty good.