What's Your Favourite Pump Feature?

What is your favourite feature on your Animas Insulin Pump?
Mine is probably the Combo Bolus or Temp. Basal.

That I can micro-dose - lots of teeny tiny doses I don't have to consume enough food to warrant 1.0 units of insulin or wait until the bg is high enough for 1.0 units. And the basals can be set at different rates based on what I am doing, time of day etc.

I agree. Small doses for my 4 year old. Mainly the remote though so he can just eat and not be fondled (aside from blood check). Great when wearing all the winter garb too.

Does Animas make only the ping?

My favourite feature is that it´s waterproof and the integrated Dexcom G4.

They also make the Vibe. It has integrated Dexcom G4.

Integrated Dexcom G4!