Whats your insulin to carb ratio?

1 unit of insulin per 2 grams of carbs.

1 unit humalog for every 45-55g carbs.

My son is 13 - puberty 1 unit - 8 carbs

1 to 39 grams… i still cant get my head around getting only 9 units of insulin per day on the pump, so crazy!

Mine is 1 unit of humalog for every 12 carbs.

My ratio is 1 unit of Novolog for every 15 carbs.

1 unit humalog per 15grams carb.

12 year old niece is currently on an ICR of 1:8 breakfast, 1:14 lunch, 1:13 dinner. For a long time she was on 1:10 lunch and dinner. Her basal from 7pm to midnight is very high, judging from her weight.

It’s extreme - so if you eat a 30g carb meal you have to inject 60 units!!! Wow

Your confused, Its 1 unit for 2 grams, If he eats 30 grams of carbs then he injects 15 units.

I’m on a 1:10 ratio …makes the math fairly easy LOL… mama always told me to study my math I just never knew I need it to survive… Thanks Mom!

1 unit to 15 grams of carbs

1:7 for breakfast and lunch, and 1:8 for dinner

1:10 to about 5:00 pm
1:14 to wake-up

Mines 2units for every 15g. Which is weird because before I only needed 3 units absolute max at each meal, but now i need around 4.5 - 5.5 sometimes 6 units. But hey how ever much it takes to have good control I suppose. Do any of you use a half unit pen?

Generally 1:12 in the morning, 1:10 for lunch, back to 1:12 at dinnertime and evening.

My ratio is 1 unit for every 1Og and at dinner it’s 1 unit for every 8 g. And it was not easy to find it.

for me it’s 1 to 11 right now. :smiley:

For super crunchy penne it is 1 unit per 8 grams. For bread about 1 unit per 2 grams so glycemic index does matter.

Right now 1 to 17.