Whats your message

What’s the proper thing to say to a new member? Anything as long as its welcoming, anything that comes from the heart will work. The best messages reflect your personality and style.

Some things you might consider but don’t have to include:

An offer to help, ask a new member to private message you if they would like help finding something.

Offer direction. If a new member provides any information about themselves try to point them to resources they might find useful. An example would be to point them to the category “Parents of Children with Type 1” if they have a child with T1.

Give encouragement , Let them know that help can be found here.

Suggest that they fill out their profile page,

These are just a few things you can include in your message,. Your message can be as elaborate as you wish or be no more than a simple Hello and Welcome.


I remember getting messages of introduction and comments noting things I posted. I found it a little strange at first bc it was so different than any other forum, but soon realized that difference made TuD special.