What's your plans?

What are your plans for the 4th of july in the good old US of A?

Im going to the stadium of fire haha, i have been dying to go to this for years literally.

A barbecue at the beach with family and friends. How about you?

Going to my Grandbabies 4th Birthday Party/BBQ and then fireworks.

Baseball game at the minor league Indianapolis Indiana’s, A perfect place ot watch fireworks.

rick phillips

i am going to this local fireworks/concert/program thing that has been going on for years with my mommy haha. no one else will want to go with me since the main act is Jonas Brothers. insert eye roll here although i have recently discovered i am a fan. runs and hides

Us Canadians celebrate July FIRST …CANADA DAY…possibly watching a parade or a picnic, then a walk in the PARK across the lake about 60 miles away …our foster Rottie too old to walk a lot …our Canadian Flag is proudly showing at our home …should take a pix and show TU members:-) …remind me !!

Well Nel, seeing as I have to work on Canada Day (here in Quebec it’s wierd - we can’t work on our Fete Nationale Day which was a few weeks ago - but when it comes to Canada Day - well - we all work!). Instead, here in Quebec we have Friday off - and we’re going to be sailing out in the Fat Cat over to the New York side of the St Lawrence Seaway (Waddington) to partake in July 4th festivities.

Going to a friend’s house for a picnic and her house sits on the hill facing the school stadium where they shoot the fireworks off, so we get a great view.

Going up to Mark Twain Lake for the weekend… hopefully no rain!

We are staying home, probably grilling out, and just “be-ing”. Very boring. We can see the big fireworks from our windows, so we’ll sit in there and watch, away from the “skeeters”. I want to get to the pool and do some laps, but we’ll see about the weather.

Staying home…outdoor grilling and picnic with family.

Happy Sailing Kiddo …you get to celebrate , celebrate, celebrate :slight_smile: …let the sun shine !!

I am not American but have lived here for 30 years. !! my children were born here also. I will probably go for a “bike” ride with my husband on our Harley. As if I don’t need any more sunburn ?? Yes, I agree in the summer we burn up more insulin and need less. We went on a “poker ride” last weekend in New Windsor New York and the money raised went to JDRF. I met Amanda who is 7 years old and has type 1 - I hope I gave her parents hope and faith that you can survive with D.
Sheila - Type 1 55 years

We are going to a large party with lots of fireworks,food ,fermented beverages…lol…lots of fun !!! I will need to be very careful…hope everyone has a wonderful time…Patti