What's your starbucks order?

I always go for a tall latte. With a muffin to go with it. 45 grams total. 4.5u of insulin. What’s your coffee order-at Starbucks or wherever- and how do you manage it?
I always seem to go a but high after then crash 2 hrs later. Any healthy alternatives or tweaks you can recommend?

Americano, coffee+ espresso, seems to have 3G of carbs

For a real treat, try a latte made with heavy cream and perhaps a couple squirts of favorite sugar free syrup. Almost no carbs and all the goodness of their regular latte offerings.

I don't go anywhere like the chain coffee houses. I order a flat white coffee in most places, sometimes a macchiato coffee if I need something a little stronger.

What if I add milk? Does it make a big difference if I get skimmed milk?

What about the heavy cream? No carbs there?

You’d just have to count howevermuch milk you put in, a cup is 11G of carbs?

Americano for me.. Sometimes add some hazelnut sugar free syrup. Occasionally a flat white.

I do love a good muffin, but I don't lik3 blowing most of my daily carb allowance in one go..

Heavy cream has 3 g of carbs in a cup. I don't have to bolus for that.

1 medium cup of plain coffee. In the summer time, a glass of plain iced tea. Nothing else is worth the trouble it causes.

I'll be darned, I have some in the fridge and just assumed that it was like milk but it says 0G of carbs!

Skipping the muffin would probably solve the problem. If I bolus 20 minutes prior to the latte, I'm usually OK.

I like a tall decaf sugar-free hazelnut with a splash of half-n-half or, if they have it, full-fat cream.

It's such a HUGE improvement calorie/carb-wise over my former venti frap with whip that I don't mind the few calories in the splash of cream. I can't stand coffee without some cream to cut the bitterness.

I have a dear friend who insists that I should just try to learn to love black coffee -- that if I drank it that way for a few months I'd get used to it -- ZERO calories and ZERO carbs -- what's not to love? Hrmmmm. Maybe it's an acquired taste, but I'm not willing to acquire it just yet. (Thinking of this...I might start with iced coffee and water it down. That might make it easier.)

I also enjoy camomile or peppermint tea if I'm in the right mood. I'll have the tea with just some cream. It is so mild and naturally "sweet" that it doesn't really need sweetener.

I LOVE black coffee. If you wanna dress it up a little, there’s those great coffee flavours by Splenda that smell like heaven and no carbs in there!

Prebolising is kinda scary to be honest. What if something goes wrong and I don’t get my muffin?

I love it black also. Don't know if I could handle the splenda in my coffee. Sweet tasting coffee just ain't right. I'm just to hard core I guess.

Gary S

I can't handle sweet-tasting coffee either. Just a hint of hazelnut from splenda. For me, sweet coffee is spoiled coffee.

This reminds me it's time to brew a pot. Black of course

On the rare times I visit Starbucks, the decaf sugar-free Hazelnut with a bit of half and half is one of my favorites, too , Jean. I also use half and half with storebought Lipton's Spiced Chai tea and Splenda at home. Negative impact on blood glucose, and much less than the Starbucks price.

God bless,

A latte is about 18 carbs, so if something happened and I didn't get my latte I could reach in my bag and grab a granola bar to cover the pre-bolus. But you are right if I was going to attempt to pre-bolus for a muffin and a latte that would probably be a little more dicey situation.