What's your threshold?

Just curious, at what number do you start to feel effects of a high blood sugar, especially for those of us who strive for tight control? For me, it often depends on how fast I've risen or risen and how long I stay there. So, is it at 150, 170, 200, over 200...do you have to be throwing ketones to feel 'high'?

Also, if pumping, Apidra, Humalog or Novolog and why one over the other?


I can be 190 and dropping like a rock and feel I need to increase my blood sugar or be at 40 and not even notice it. It is really the rate of change not the level that mak,es me uncomfortable.

Generally however, if i am above 250 I am feeling rather bad and if I am below about 60 things feel strange. Not strange like oh yeah I like that but strange like oh man I need some pudding or better yet cereal. LOL

I start to feel it when I am over 200. Occasionally, I get to be in the 300-400 range, and I am really out of it. All I want to do is drink, void and sleep.

I am low when I am below 65.

I use Apidra in my pump. No real reason for it. The doctor gave me a sample of Apidra about three years ago and sind: "Here, try this, and let me know next week how it is going." I liked it so he wrote the prescription and that's about it. It seemed like I took a lot of Novolog compared to Apidra, but that was back in the days of MDI, before my pump.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

I feel it above 200, and lows I feel below 70 (usually). I use Humalog mostly because I’ve always used Lilly insulins. I’ve been satisfied with it, and don’t feel the need to try Apidra, mostly because people seem to use it for its fast onset and short tail. However, I find Humalog onsets in about 10 mins and is gone in 2 hours, so works well for me.

I used to feel fine at 200. Since tightening my control about a year ago, I am a lot more sensitive, I feel it at about 150. I have plenty of "false alarms" as well, though

i usually start feeling it at about 170-200. usually the only symptom i have is the thirst. there have been times when i have felt a bit nauseous and tired.

I think I start to feel "slushy" when my BG gets to 140ish.

I don't really "feel" high glucose levels. I am pretty tight control and test a lot, so if I am above 150 and do not have enough bolus on board to bring it down, I correct. I rarely have any readings over 200. I do not regularly feel low either. I can function fine at 40 one time and fall apart at 60 the next. My CGM is set with 60 as the low indicator number.

I use Humalog for one reason--it is available through the military pharmacy. I haven't checked recently to see if they have made Aphidra available yet.

yeah, me too now that I have good control, around high 150's i'll start to feel something off, get hot, feel weird, etc..thanks.

me too, hey AR, what do you pump with, humalog?

My symptoms of highs are pretty vague, generally just sluggish feeling. I'd say I notice it in the 200's, more often if I'm over 250, but like I said, it's pretty vague and sometimes the only way I know I'm high is to test.

I use Apidra in my pump, for no other reason as that is the insulin I started with when I lived in Guatemala. But I'm happy with it, as the duration seems reliable. I'm especially happy with it since they have started the "no co-pay offer".

I have hyper unawareness. ;)