When a 10 year old knows as much about carb counting as you do - it's simply AMAZING!

On the weekend in Ottawa, I met up with Catherine, our god daughter and her son Aaron. It was a short visit, as we were doing the rounds on visiting our families, something we don’t do that often, even though Ottawa is only a 2 hour drive. Weekends are precious for us working stiffs, so getting away can be difficult as I’m sure you all can relate to.

Anyway, I think the best part of the weekend, was seeing Aaron! He got diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 6, and at the time I had thought, “Oh no, why him?”. The thing is though, after seeing him, he reminds me much of myself as a youngster, just a kid full of energy and a zest for life (he’s learning to snow board this winter). I almost felt like I was talking to my twin, but in male form, it was hilarious, especially when we both found out we enjoyed dipping our pretzels in mustard.

To read the rest about this amazing young boy (I am so proud of him) - click on this link - you’ll walk away from the screen smiling away as much as I did. We should all have been in the same room - chatting away with him - maybe sharing his Halloween candies . He shared a few with me - except for his one and only pack of Hot Tamales ! I saw his face fall when I pulled that box out - and knew - that’s his fav - I won’t take them from him - despite my love of the same sweets - I’m telling you - he and I are twins when it comes to sweets !

Thanks for sharing that with us. Having family and extended family is priceless.

There is a cute little guy here in SA who calls me Grandma …he has been pumping for 8 maybe 9 years and he is 13 …won’t let him read this : probably hates being called cute by an almost 70year old .He had to mature soooo quickly and learn about carb counting …it is n’t funny !! , just as your Aaron ; he sounds sooo mature too …Anna mentor the type 2’s , please …the CDA’s 2008 guide lines are not followed , if their Doc thinks 8-10 BG is OK for fasting .The CDA website at www.diabetes.ca has the guide lines in print ( lots of reading ) .Let me know, if you need help finding them .

My my…I think kids nowadays are geting smarter and and more independent. I have an 8 year old nephew (born and raised in London) who tells me what “good foods” are from those he should ‘avoid’ and from those “he can enjoy on special occasions”. Moreso, what amazes me more is that he knows the reasons and justifications behind it.

You would be surprised what come out of the mouth of babes

That is good, maybe he can come down and teach my cardiologist something about BG control. Sounds like your WIDA folks learned from our ADA in the US, another group that needs to pull their head out of where the sun don’t shine.

I hope my grandkids are that smart at 10 and like do some housecleaning too. My almost 5 year old grandson went without being told to the dryer and took out the clothes and put them on the sofa to be folded. If only he could fold them. LOL

one more twin? He must be happy to have Anna for twin. Your French twin.