When are more tubeless pumps coming out

Beside omnipod plus when is omnipod going to be integrated

Omnipod is supposed to be coming out with a new, space-age PDM that is much smaller and doesn’t require all that damn scrolling. As for me, integration is NOT all that for one very important reason: releases of newer and better iterations of/algorithms for the Dexcom CGM are not timed to coincide with the releases of newer, improved pumps, so it’s easy to get “stuck” with an integrated pump that cannot use the latest and greatest Dexcom version. So my attitude is “why bother” with an integrated pump, especially when you no longer have to schlep around the CGM receiver any more (with the Dexcom G5, you only need your smartphone; does anyone leave home without their smartphone anymore? Heck, I might as well surgically attach my daughter’s iPhone to her body; she takes it with her in the bathtub for heaven’s sake!):iphone:

In five years? Along with the cure LOL !

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been hearing that since 1994 . . . fully automated closed loop system 10 years away in 2001