When can I leave her at home?

Ok so here’s a question. My daughter with type 1 will soon be 9 years old, and here in Ontario, Canada the general rule of thumb is that a child can stay home by themselves at 10, babysit siblings at 11 and babysit other children at 12. Now this is taking into consideration a child’s maturity and ability of course.

So my sons are 12 and 10 and I can leave them at home to run an errand or do groceries (we are homeschoolers to this would be in the afternoon for a hour or so) but this summer my son turns 13, so I would consider leaving my other daughter who will be 7 at home with him for a bit, but but I still don’t feel comfortable leaving my type 1 daughter at home with him because that is WAY too much responsibility to put on 13 year old… but am I being reasonable or over protective?

I want to wait until she can stay home and manage herself in a way that my husband and I feel comfortable with. But when will that be? For those older with type 1 - when were you able to stay home by yourself? 10? 11? 12?

Just really wondering about this…

It was a much different time when I was that age but I was on my own most days during the summer because we as kids never stayed home and we’re always at someone’s house or at the stream or at the park or in the corn field. Everyday during the summer was a true vacation. I just always had something with me and all my close friends knew what to do if I had problems same with all our neighbors. My mom made sure everyone knew and had our phone number. I was diagnosed at 8 and was doing most of the stuff, shots & urine testing by myself after a year or two. My parents were always there keeping an eye on me and what was going on but I guess they realized early on that it was going to be me dealing with this. I thank them everyday.

Really don’t think there is an age. It really depends on each child and the same with your older son. Everyone is different. My older brother was a great babysitter until I got what I thought was to old for a sitter. I’m sure you will make the right choice for your family and whatever that choice is they will come out like champs!


I definitely agree it is dependent on each child’s maturity and how much they take care of themselves. My son was diagnosed T1D at 7. By the time he was 10 I felt comfortable to leave him alone with his older sister for just an hour or two. Of course it was only at times when his blood sugar was steady; I would not leave him alone if his blood sugar was on a roller coaster. Now that he is 12, and wears a CGM, I feel confident that he can take care of himself for longer periods of time.

i was dx’d at 17 so I have no real personal experience at this age. I do however know several kids who were dx’d younger and their experience both good and bad. Now unfortunately my experience is several years ago in the 70’s. I am also a father in the 80’s and 90’s and a grandfather today.

So here is my take. I think a today’s 11 year old with D is likely too young. While 14 is to old to wait. Between, is the question. But only you can answer that. When she starts complaining a bunch it is likely a good chance to start thinking of it. when she locks the door to her room it is too late. the answer likely is between he two.


rick .


I just remember that my mom sent me to ski camp with my class when i was 12 and a half years old. i had had diabetes for almost 3 years by then. when i look back, i think how can a 12 year old manage that, but i was perfectly fine, out in the snow skiing, doing everything the other kids would do too.
my teachers were aware of the fact that i have diabetes, but had totally no clue how to handle it, in an emergency they would have called my mom (which didn’t happen thank god). i had a pump at that time.
what i wanna say is that we often underestimate children. i think for a few hours kids can be left at home pretty easily. if there is an emergency, they can always call you.


I think Rick hit the nail on the head with the indications surrounding when she is ready and when it is too late. I know those signs well, having raised a now-happily married 26-year-old daughter and currently raising a 13-year-old daughter with Type 1. I’m O.K. with leaving my T1D daughter for periods of time because I always know what her BG is, thanks to Dexcom Share. And because her iPhone is “permanently attached” to her body.


I’m OK with leaving my type 1st at home. due to 1 thing Dexcom Share. i always know what his & her bg is.

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Do you and your 13 year old son have cellphones that would allow him to call you about any problems? That should handle anything during short trips.