When did my handbag become a diabetic gadget holder?

Growing up as a little girl, you are taught (or I was anyway) not to carry things in your pockets that would make them bulge (otherwise, nothing more than a few pieces of paper… maybe). You were told to carry a pocketbook. Of course, I know this was certainly nothing new when I was born. Way back when it all started, the accepted practice was a sack or bag of some sort to carry money, and used by both men and women as there were no pants to have pockets in back in the day. With the invention of pants pockets, men no longer needed the little sacks, but it stuck around through the old days when it was completely unacceptable for women to wear pants and they could only wear skirts (which is still true in some cultures). The bags were small, lacy, handmade wristlets to carry their things, mainly money, but also included things like the much needed hanky. And even when pants became popular with women, for some reason, then handbag stuck with us women. Since then, girls have been taught to carry their handbag, purse, pocketbook, or whatever you called that bag you carried around with all of your can’t-leave-home-without things. That way, you could always just pick it up and go or set it down when you come back. No filling/emptying pockets all the time. There was always the checklist of the most important things: keys, cash, compact, lipstick/gloss, pen, tissues, and gum, to name a few. The list changes from person to person, of course.

Well, being diabetic, you also had to include your trusty meter, pricker, strips, lancets, alcohol wipes and glucose tablets. As the time has passed for me, a few things have been added to my list. Not only do I have those same things as before, I also have the OmniPod PDM, extra batteries, an extra emergency vial of strips (I’m so forgetful sometimes!!), vial of insulin, and spare pod. Other non-diabetic things are a spare pair of glasses for when the contacts just cannot be worn for some reason. I can even fit my hubby’s electronic accessories when needed (i.e., iPod, Blackberry, pager, keys, and anything else he may hand me). It’s amazing to me that when I pick up my handbag, that I know that everything is there just by the weight of the thing. If it’s too light, normally I have forgotten to put my phone or PDM back in it.

I know that my checklist is a little different than most women’s. Lately, even though I have a lot of the normal stuff in there, it seems when I look in my bag, it is a walking diabetic pharmacy. I have tried to cut down on the amount of things or even the size of things (going with a smaller pricker, only carrying one vial of strips, carrying Airhead candy instead of a tube of glucose tabs, not carrying the extra insulin vial or extra pod), but it seems I always go back and put all of those things back in there. Then it hit me today… my bag has turned into my own personal diabetic gadget bag. I would be absolutely lost without it! Up the creek with out my paddle…lots of fries short of my happymeal… you get the picture.

Small bags are out of the question for me… always have been, pretty much. I am so glad that the larger bags are in style right now. And even if they weren’t, I think they’d just have to be my “fashion statement”. After all, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… diabetic ones included!