When do I call the doc?

Went to Waffle House this morning and had my usual BLT and salad. Normally, my numbers are just fine after this. But I felt like crap (had a headache) and about an hour after starting to eat, I took my BG. 246. I freaked. I drove home and it was 188.

10:21am - 108 (out of bed)
12:09pm - 246 (1hr after breakfast)
12:22 - 188
12:33 - 190
12:45 - 171 (after 10mins pedaling)
1:20 - 150 (2hrs after eating)
1:55 - 122
3:10 - 76 (4hrs after breakfast)
3:52 - 83 (arrived to have 2nd meal)
4:42 - 84 (1/2 hr)
5:12 - 105 (1hr)

150 is higher than I usually run 2hrs after a meal (usually between 140 and 145). I often feel shaky 4hrs after a meal so the low of 76 was not strange but so low after such a high?

I am considered a pre-diabetic and have been on a low carb diet (lost 12 lbs so far!) for just over a month. In the past week or so, my morning readings have gotten higher and are rarely less than 100 any more.

The last time I had the BLT, I also had hashbrowns. I knew better because potatoes raise my BG numbers. But even then, it “only” got to 165. Time before that it was the BLT with tomato side and only reached 113!

Anyway, I’m rambling. My question is: when do I call the doc for high numbers? I haven’t been to see an endo yet but it is in the works.

I would call the doc and at least let them know over the phone what happened, and IF you should be concerned or not. As long as they have this information from you, they can monitor the situation and see where you go from here.
It could have been your headache that caused your numbers to go up, it could have been the stress of the headache. This is NOT rocket science as they say a nd it might have been nothing you did or didn’t do. But being pre-diabetic, they are probably keeping a score card to make sure that you stay where you are and keep healthy. Pre- as you know means that you could becoming a full blown diabetic, and this might just be the beginning stages. So call and tell them what you experienced. And the good part, you numbers kept coming down…and arriving at a normal number. Good luck


Im not sure if you are a type 1 or 2, I know its difficult, just relax, if you get a number that is a little high for you , and 200 or higher just after eating is normal, but if you are still at 200 2 hours after eating then one of two things needs to be done either increase the amount of insulin or decrease the portion of food you eat, but testing every ten minutes is not going to speed things up, yes exercise after wood helps for sure, that is a good option but I would suggest maybe eating and then a 20 minute or 30 minute cycle session or even a brisk walk, and then test after that , give it some breathing room, and allow things to play out, they say that when you get over 300 blood sugar it is dangerous, but if I had a nicle for every time my sugar went over 300, I would have Bill gates money :slight_smile:

Magic - I tested that often first because “they” say to retest in 15 mins after an unusual high or low. Then I tested before and after exercise.

I am pre-diabetic but started metaformin today.

Cathy - I have headaches all the time due to a neck problem. So I don’t think that was it. I note, though, whenever I have one so I can look for trends.