When do you normally get low?

I was wondering when most of you get low, 2 hours after meals, before any particular meals, after and during sport etc.

I tend to get low before lunch, even if I’m super high before breakfast. Oh, and sometimes I bolus too much and get low 2 hours after. I hardly ever get low at other times as long as I eat sugar with exercise.

3 in the morning. Ask my girlfriend how pleasant that is. “Where are you going?” “Feeding the elephants” (to go with my current elephant fixation during hypos).

High - too, too high - after lunch when I’ve had a sedentary day.

If I peak under 140 after breakfast, then I get low before lunch. Otherwise, if there no other unique thing happening, the only other time I have a tendency to go low is between 1-3 a.m.

I tend to go low in the early afternoon a few hours after lunch, but really no other time consistently. When I don’t properly prepare for exercise, I tend to go low, maybe in to the 60’s or 70’s for a few hours after. Once I really nailed my pump settings, and learned how to properly adjust my basal rates for different activities I’ve been able to prevent going too low.

As a side note, exercise for me at least, has been an excellent way to keep my BG low without insulin for several hours at a time. I learned through little experiments that if I bike 30 miles, for example, I can keep my pump off for the duration of the ride and for several hours after. Its a nice little break every once and awhile :slight_smile:

I like to go low between breakfast and lunch, or if I’m working myself too hard at yradwork or something (which usually happens between breakfast and lunch).

Almost always for me its about 3 in the morning but like Leslieann it gives me no warning at all anymore so I have fallen severlylow at any time of the day. My daughter’s Dr told me after we found out she was diabetic that one way of telling if she was low was if she got really sleeply at any time of day then test her fast. Needless to say my Drs had never told me this which lead to many sleepless nights for me (and days). Just ALWAYS check your bs that will help you alot!

I don’t have any regular time, but I’m most likely to get caught out by a busy day. I get carried away cleaning up the yard, trimming trees etc, and end up doing it ALL day. Overkill! Which is fine, but I have to remember to test & munch so I can try to stay a step ahead of my dropping BGs. It’s also great on those days to be able to eat my lunch and have a guilt free afternoon tea without insulin!

Any other lows can only be blamed on human error: miscalculations for my meal jab. My Lantus (split 50/50, 12 hours apart) does a SUPERB job of keeping my baseline BG smooth, so these are really the only problems I have. Was never so easy when I was on Protaphane (I think that’s the one you call NPH?) as I always got low around lunch time, and found it really hard to work out my meal doses too. SO glad to be off that! It was great in its day but kinda evil to me now lol

Then of course, there’s all those female hormones… I go high for a week or so, then drop like a stone - it’s totally unpredictable and that one normally catches me unaware.

Any other issues are normally with highs though. Stress, lack of sleep or bad diet, miscalculations etc… all lead to high numbers that I hate to see.

I always wind up going low if I eat a really late lunch and then run in the early afternoon, like usual. The insulin and the heat outside seem to sneak up on me. Most of my lows are directly related to my workouts.

I just started the new school year, my first time working since I began taking insulin. I am going about 2 hours after breakfast, just as the children arrive. This morning I was 53 and had to eat during our September 11 memorial assembly. I am not doing anything different, same food, insulin and walk. I think it’s just the energy that I expend taking care of beginning first graders.

Tony has gone low before lunch since he switched to nph, when he was on lantus his lows were at 2 a.m. or in the morning-I’d rather have the lunch lows cause I’m more awake! Sometimes he goes low if he plays with the dog too long, we have to separate them lol.

That definately takes alot of energy!

For me, I know it’s “normal” for me to go low before lunch, not meaning it’s a daily occurance, but meaning that if I go low it’ll be then. That doesn’t mean I can prevent it at the moment whilst on lantus and novorapid.
But what I really asked this for is because I think I’m getting too relaxed, thinking “there’s no way I’ll go low, it’s only 2 hours after I ate…” and reading people’s comments I can see this isn’t the case.

I am low when I get up usually around 85. I go low again before lunch and if I am working in the yard I feel woozy at times. Then I know it is time to take a break.

Before lunch is my worse time slot, infact I had to stop going shopping at lunchtime as I would hypo and then wander aimlessly around supermarkets trying to find a “diet” drink. I once spent 15 minutes looking at strawberry jam to see which had the lowest sugar in it whilst almost ‘on the floor’…have to laugh now but at the time I was on a different planet!

Well since i have started nursing school. I tend to go low right before something big is going to happen (like a test or a long lecture) My doctor says it is probably stress but why would i get stressed before a lecture?!? Who knows.