When I Got Diabetes

I was having alot of symptoms didn’t feel well at all.My husband said with your father and grandma having it I bet you have it.We went to the hospital and yes they said my sugar was well in the 400 range and so thats that.

Since I first found out I have lost 60lbs. and of course I thought I’d lost the fat so I thought I’d be cured no such luck.My doctor said sometimes even with type 2 just losing the weight may not be engough it can be genetic and with me thats what it is.

My medicines have been changes so many times.Today they took me off avandia and lantus to Actos metformin and humalog.It sure is complicated to say the least.So hopefully I can use this site as a daily log to help in my journey to someday become a Non diabetic again.

Has your c-peptide been taken? If your c-peptide is normal or high, then becoming a nondiabetic might be a doable goal, but if it’s low then there’s not much you can do to vamoose the 'betes.
Good luck.