When I'm low

When I’m low, I, of course, check my BG. If i’m 60 or lower, I start feeling really bad- I get really really cranky, get a headache, and very emotional, and start crying over the littlest things, like not being able to open the bag of Cheetos after 5 minutes of trying- and start eating practically any food that I can get to. So, because I’m feeling terrible, I tend to try and rush my blood sugar back up to normal because I hate feeling so bad, I mean, who doesn’t?! Then because of the rush, I just eat and eat and eat. I don’t even give the food a chance to get into my system. The after math- BG of (example) 273. Am I the only one who does this?? Does anyone have any ideas for me to control what I eat when I’m low?

I’m not quite sure how I do this, but over the years have trained myself to go into automatic mode and respond to the need, while ignoring the feeling I need to eat more than the set amount. Once I test I know how much of what I need to have to raise me 10 mg/dl, and eat or drink that amount. Seems to work most of the time.

i know exactly how you feel!
i do just about the same exact thing and i cannot stand it (nor can the people around me)
sadly, i have a lot of trouble controlling it as well.

Hi Kristin!

You are not the only one. I cry like a baby when I am low. I have had to train myself to STOP eating to treat a low.

But it doesn’t always work. If I ate more than I needed (say 45 grams instead of 15 grams), then I will give insulin for the remaining 30 grams as soon as my blood sugar is back to normal. I usually wait 15 minutes then give the insulin.

There is also something called the Somogyi effect, which actually naturally makes your blood sugar higher after a low. Not sure how that works, but maybe someone else can explain!