When is the first OBGYN appt?

I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I’m wondering what the normal time-frame is for seeing the OBGYN for the first time?

I’m type 1 for 22 years and this is our first pregnancy. Our family doctor confirmed the pregnancy at 4 weeks. For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been bleeding on and off and have been to emerg twice for the bleeding. Everything seems fine…I guess. I really don’t know.

I’ve been referred to a high-risk OB, but still have not received an appointment. I spoke to my doctor again today to see if I should be calling the OB or not. She just seemed nonchalent about the whole thing and said that they might not see me until the 2nd trimester.

I feel lost!

Should we have seen a OBGYN by now or is it normal to wait this long for an appointment?

I have no experience with this but at my HMO I would be seeing the perinatologist by this point. If it were I, I would be pushy about it. I have never been pregnant but I did go in and talk to the high risk team to see what steps I would be taking if I wanted to be.

Hi, Congrats! You are type 1 so you need specialized care waaay before the 2nd trimester. I’m type 1 for 18 years and had my first appointment at 7 weeks pregnant. Some other women on tudiabetes had visits even earlier than that. I was pro-active and called up the OB myself and scheduled an appointment. I suggest you do the same. You’ll get an ultrasound to check everything out and ask the doctor any questions you have. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

First of all, congratulations! Second, be pushy!

I’d think that you should definitely meet with a high-risk obgyn before the second trimester. With my pregnancy, I went directly to the high risk specialists and met with them at 6 weeks and again at 8 and then every 3-4 weeks thereafter until the end when I was going in 2-3x/wk for monitoring.

If you cannot get an appointment with the high risk OB you were referred to, get another referral.
Wishing you all the best!!

The high risk OB-GYN may not see you until the second trimester, but you can still see a regular OB-GYN as soon as possible. Many type 1 women go to TWO OB-GYNS – one high risk, the other not.

I think that you should have someone to ask about the bleeding.

Best wishes!

Congrats! call and make an appointment right away! You should have went in at 8 weeks with a nurse practioner at the OB clinic and then again on 12 weeks with your OB doctor. I am going in at 6 weeks, since I had a mis-carriage 6 months ago. Good Luck.

Go in! I was at the regular OB at 6 weeks. We heard the heartbeat then. Then high risk at 12 weeks for first trimester screening. I’ve seen my baby about 8 times (I think?) now, and I’m at 22 weeks this week. I had a LOT of bleeding at 17 weeks. Turned out to be a separation between the walls and my uterus and the blood is coming from outside the uterus. It’s not coming out red anymore- just dark brown about once a day. They said that’s okay. But, with my bleeding, the OB had me in her office for an ultrasound the next morning.

Going to be seeing her much more during the third trimester for the stress tests. Going to be time consuming, but I can’t wait to see my baby again!

Also, I miscarried at 9 weeks last Fall, but had already seen my baby 2 times before that happened. So, you should have definitely been into the OB by now.

Good luck!

I saw my regular OB in week 9. She wanted to see me in week 10, but I pushed for at least one week earlier. I didn’t see the perinatologist until the Downs screening in week 13.