When should I be combo bolusing?

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and using the one touch ping pump…I been noticing after I eat pasta or even a baked potato my 1hr sugars are good but then after they just keep rising!!I never combo bolused before so Im not sure how I should do it…Any suggestions??

I am also on the Ping and though only 11 weeks pregnant, had the same problems with pasta and other “complex” carbs. For me, the combo bolus works best for these if I do a 50%/50% split over an hour, or a 60%/40% split if my starting BG is in a normal-to-highish range. Are you on a CGM? If not, can you test enough to see when the increase starts or for how long it lasts? The one-hour range works best for me now, but you may want to push it out longer if the highs are coming later, or do a different % split, or even just start eating a little sooner after you bolus. It does take a little bit of trial and error to get it down, but I’ve found it to be SO helpful.

Also, you may want to try over on the Animas Pump Users Board for more details on how combo bolusing works.

Thankyou I go to the doctors tomorrow too and ill see what they say also!!I cant believer how hard this is!!My first pregnancy was nothing like this hardly had any highs!!IIm trying to do whats right, but getting so discourage at times!!

Rebecca - do you go high at one hour after eating with these combo boluses?