When Sugar is Below Target

How does a person know how much less to bolus.I sometimes get it on target and other times my bolus was too small.I find I still get lows but only after a correction.Sometimes the correction bolus is perfect.maybe I have different correction factors at different times.


I have 3 sensitivities programmed into my pump. I also have 3 carb ratios.

It seems for me that during the day, the later it gets, the more I am more sensitive to insulin. The way I figured out my sensitivities is I did the correction bolus protocol at different times of the day. Same thing with the carb ratios protocol, I did one at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

good luck


I just recently went to the Endo and my carb to insulin ratio was changed. I had only 1 setting for carb to insulin ratio but my Endo and I noticed I was having an issue with my post evening meal settings. Wes (Endo) decided that I should have my carb to insulin ratio set at 1:15 between 6am and 5pm. We also added another setting from 5pm to 6 am carb to insulin ratio is set at 1:12. I have been using this setting for a week and it’s helped me out alot.

You may have to change a few things until you find out what works best for you