When to check your post prandial

I know to check my bg 2 hours after a meal. But what about about a meal that is low in carbs but high in fat and protein? When should you expect the rise in blood sugar and when should you test?? Still at 2 hours or more like 3-4 hours later? Thanks in advance!

I test at my normal 2-hour interval, but usually test again at 3 or 4 hours to ensure my BG is within “normal” range.

I usually check after the 2 hour mark, and then once an hour after that until bedtime. I make sure I’m in a good range before I go to bed.

I test at 2 and 4 hours correcting back to target at 4 hours. I pump so that correction can be very small. I eat high fat/high fiber and I almost always continue to rise after the second hour and on the occassional high protein, high fiber, high fat meal I’ll continue rising for up to 6 or so hours.


My endo has me check 1.5 hours after the meal. Usually that is where I peak.

I check at 2 hours & sometimes at 1 hour. I test at 4-5 hours for dinner because lunch & breakfast are already covered by testing before lunch & before dinner. People have different digestive rates, but most haven’t digested protein & fat at the three hour mark. I also test on the hour until bed because I have gastroparesis.

I test two hours after meal. But I test again 2 hours after to be sure to inject some insulin or don’t inject.