When to consult a doctor- Again?

Hi All. I have been having a grand summer. I recovered nicely from the ankle break and surgery. I am able to exercise and walk on the ankle/leg that was operated on. Other than having an implanted "weather vane" that tells me when the barometric pressure suddenly increases and we are due for a shower ( the plate in my fibula hurts just a bit), my ankle is strong and feels completely healed. A1c is down to 7.1 after a couple of years Between 7.5 and 7.9. I am pushing for 6.5. or under by Labor Day. .

However, I have other symptoms that may relate to my May 20 parathyroidectomy. The surgery was a breeze, in an out of the hospital afternoon surgery.I spent the night, felt fine the next day. I had perfectly normal blood sugars and blood pressures throughout the overnighter at the hospital. CGM and pump experience with the staff was great, they let me manage my own blood glucoses and were amazed that I stayed in range.. I felt fine and calcium levels the night after surgery had returned to low normal, "8.9" I was told. I continued to improve at home, took calcium supplements and OTC vitamin D. I am also taking R-ALA. Drove to Georgia, alone,to see my family in the middle of June. All was fine and I felt great during the trip.
However, for about the past 10-11 days, I have had unusual symptoms that I do not think I can associate with prior diagnosed neuropathies in my feet and calves,nor with a nerve bulge in my spine. On the way back from Georgia on the interstate, after I had driven about 200 miles to Chattanooga, I started getting sever and painful muscle spasms and tinglings in my feet, my calves and my fingers. Never had these symptoms come on so suddenly and so intensely before. I pulled over at the rest area, stretched, felt better.
After I made it to Ohio, I felt fine, but for three successvie nights, I had muscle spasms and cramps that were so painful that they awakened me.I also had tingling in my fingers and around my mouth. Blood sugars normal, and flatlining, according to the CGM at the time.

I will admit I had stopped taking the calcium supplements prescribed. They are basically glorified "Tums" in a prescription bottle. The May 30 bloodwork showed a normal calcium level of 9.2; so I really just stopped taking them. and it was hit or miss dosing while I was in Ga. I now wonder if my calcium or potassium levels have dropped. Hypocalcemia sometimes occurs,for a short time, after parathyroidectomy. The other glands have to get used to producing enough parathyroid hormone ,which regulates calcium absorption . That function was taken over by the one I had removed which was hyper-producing; due to an adenoma. I researched the symptoms I have, the pain, the tingling, the night time leg cramps/spasms and the twitching.. They are symptomatic of both hyper, but mostly hypocalcemia. I also have become very sensitive to cold and cannot stand to be in air conditioning unless it is hot/humid in the 80"s.

I contacted the surgeon's office last week, and the NP told me to restart taking the" Tums-like" calcium supplements and consult with my endo for lab work. I called the endo's office and they gave me a new appt in August, as the doctor will be out of town for the originally scheduled July 22 appt. I asked for further lab work, but they said it could wait.

I take the calcium supplements and all other meds now. But I still have foot/leg/ muscle cramps almost every night, and both sets of toes twitch a lot. Now my feet are beginning to hurt more when I am awake as well… Exercise and Lyrica help in the daytime, but I have not found any relief for the night symptoms.

I do not know who to talk to about this. My Pharmacist? My surgeons again? the endo;s office? I really want my endo to order other tests to see if any of my electrolytes are off balance.

Suggestions, Knowledgable, caring crew?
This is not a major problem, but I would like to get it resolved, as the symptoms came on relatively suddenly after a period of great recovery and very little chronic pain. I am going to Panama city, Fla for a beach vacation soon, and I would like to be as on top of my game as possible. I am not worried, but concerned. What do you suggest, my lovely Tu-family? So wonderful to be back with the crowd!!:=)

God Bless,

Hi Brunetta,

If you can't see your endo before the trip for blood work, can you go to a walk in clinic instead? I did that when I needed a tetanus vaccine last month because my gp didn't have the shot without pertussis as well. I prolly should have just gotten the pertussis as well but I was worried about too many things at once and after having a bad reaction to the flu/pneumonia shots.

That is really great you have done so well with your recovery and with everything else! I'm not sure what those symptoms could be, sorry that you are having all those muscle spasms, hopefully supplementing will help a bit. I was supplementing magnesium too when I was having more leg cramps. I took calcium/magnesium/zinc/vitamin D( I think it is zinc) which can help with electrolytes. I take potassium everyday since insulin depletes us of that. I don't take the magnesium any more because it upsets my stomach etc. I would also drink a lot of water to help hydration.

I fractured my ankle a couple of years ago. 18 places.

I recovered from that okay, but recently I've been having balance issues. My feet don't tingle or feel numb, but for some reason I'm having trouble with balance. Thursday I see a neurologist.

I know my axons aren't working right, but I'm guessing a B12 deficiency. Have you thought of that? There are a lot of symptoms with B12 deficiencies. You might want to look them up. Hope you get to feeling better.

Do you have a PCP? I would also think since your endo rescheduled your appt they should be willing to double check the labs to make sure nothing too out of whack is off. I can understand wanting to get it checked before going to Panama City.

I’m glad your surgery and overnight stay went smoothly.

Thanks for the suggestions and concern, Meee, Diabetic Dad, and DianaS: You guys ROCK!!! I bought a bunch of those Zero water electrolyte replacement bottles( 4 grams carb)"Revive". They have potassium, b-16, and b-12 vitamins. Diabetes Dad, I had pernicious anemia( b-12 deficiency) and resultant nerve problems in 2002. I know the symptoms and they are not fun. I was hospitalized and had to do a 3 week stint in an outpatient rehab center. As a result of this, I get regularly tested for b-12 deficiency and get shots every 3-6 months if the b-12 levels start getting in the lower ranges. Had a b-12 shot in late April. I will start taking the sub-lingual B-12 drops again
DianaS,and Meee, my PCP is my internist. I will call his nurse and see if I can get in today . They have a lab set up in the office where they can do the blood draw and some testing right there in order to receive the results fairly quickly, without a wait for over a day.

I am checking out all the options. I slept a bit better last night. I drank one bottle of the Revive vitamin water and medicated with a Lyrica and Ibuprofen about 2 hours before bed. Calves still tight and somewhat sore, but they did not cramp last night. Thank you all.

God Bless