When to make a fuss follow up question

I have read all of the post, and it looks like she is heading the right direction, I personally know people diagnosed as 1.5 and rapid on set type when in there 50s.
So the questions is I am a 68 yr old male. Diagnosed 5 years again type 2 (no problem with that). Now off meds. But my exercise and eating habits are s bit stronger than hers. 30 to 50 carbs meals 15 20 snack. Low glycemic foods, no processed foods. Exercise 7 days a week (San Francisco ) no car walk the hills very day, plus work out with a trainer once a week and run a mile or two twice a weeks. A1c 6.0 fasting BS 90 to 100 after meals max 130 to 140. Org test bs 350 A1c 12.5. So a male so gestational is NA Who knows what BS issues had had in1950.

I get gold stars from my doctor and with sim numbers she is having anti testing. Should all diabetics get testing?
I know there is the insulin resistant item, though I here about in type one too.

Just wondering the difference

I'll just jump in, Fraser and say if your description was true then, that you should have been tested at diagnosis, yes! Now at 5 years with diet and exercise only it seems less likely and would only become an issue if things progress radically at some point. Insulin resistance is rare with Type 1's, usually only after years of weight gain and increased insulin usage.