When to remove the needle cap?

My pod trainer said to prime the pod and then remove the needle cap just before removing the tape and sticking it onto me. I’m wondering if anyone has ever tried removing the needle cap before priming. It seems to me like the cap keeps the primed insulin inside the see-through window which always ends up cloudy to me. Has anyone tried removing the needle cap earlier? Does it work? Please let me know!

I would not deviate from the procedure without talking to an Insulet trainer first.
A tip I read somewhere a long time ago was to use a Q-tip swab to dry off the window area right before sticking the pod on yourself. I haven’t tried that, but maybe it would help you keep the cloudiness away…

One time I must have not been paying attention and I put the pod on my body before I even primed. I then primed it (already on my body) and then inserted the canula. Had no problems at all… So I don’t think it matters…

I’ve absorbed the excess insulin with a Q-tip and… have.forgotten to prime prior to placing the pod on my body. No problems in either case.

I used the q-tip methods that Eric mention, after prime and before putting on the pod, I use the q-tip dry the excess insulin. Never had a problem with this.

Now that I think about it I did that once too… I think you’re right! Thanks for reminding me.

I have definitely taken off the cap without thinking about it before priming - even put it on Caleb sometimes. I was just going through the motions in the wrong order not paying attention. I haven’t had any issues, although when I do pay attention I keep the cap on.

i ALWAYS clean the inside of the window of insulin before putting it on. either with a q-tip or a tissue.

I could be wrong, but if you “clean” the window area with a Q tip you are actually (I assume) not using a sterile one, so could be increasing the chance of infection, since the still sterile insertion device and cannula are right there. I think that’s why they suggest leaving the protector on through priming, but that’s just an assumption. People have used that technique (with the Q tip) and have obviously not had any problems, but I would say it’s something to at least keep in mind.